Police Probe Threat Of Violence Against Hawley School Occupants

“At approximately 2:05 pm [Monday], staff at Hawley School received a telephone call from an unidentified male caller,” Police Chief Michael Kehoe said at about 5 pm today, in explaining an incident which triggered a police response and a “modified lockdown” of that grade K-4 school, plus the six other public schools and three private schools in town.

“This caller made threats toward the school staff and students,” Chief Kehoe said.

No students or faculty were injured in the incident, he said.

“A Newtown police officer on scene followed school protocols and locked the school down,” the chief said.

“Notifications were made across the school district,” resulting in the nine other schools being placed in lockdown mode, he said.

Newtown police went to Hawley School to investigate the incident.

“Our … detective division contacted our federal law enforcement partners, and we are working together to identify the caller,” Chief Kehoe said.

Chief Kehoe declined to describe whether the male caller had a youthful voice or an adult voice on the phone call. The chief also declined to state what specific threats of violence were made in the phone call.

“We’re going to follow every [investigatory] lead we can,” said Lieutenant George Sinko, who heads police department operations. “We will investigate it to the fullest,” he stressed.

Chief Kehoe declined to say whether he expects that an arrest would be made in the case.

School security has been a major issue locally since the shooting incident last December 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in which a rampaging gunman shot and killed 20 first grade students and six educators, before killing himself as police approached. This Friday will mark the six-month anniversary of 12/14. 

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