Day Of Remembrance To Mark Six-Month Anniversary Of 12/14

Family members of those killed 12/14, along with elected officials, faith leaders, and other community members, will join together in a day of remembrance and a call to action on Friday, June 14. They will gather at Edmond Town Hall to read the names of victims of gun violence and urge their representatives in Congress to support legislation that would require comprehensive background checks.

After a moment of silence at 9:30 am, there will be a rally and press conference to include Newtown survivors, Governor Dannel P. Malloy, and First Selectman Pat Llodra.

In addition, Mayors Against Illegal Guns will officially launch its “No More Names: National Drive to Reduce Gun Violence” tour from Newtown. The tour will go to 25 states over a period of 100 days. At each stop, gun violence survivors, their families, and concerned community members will rally in support of gun violence prevention efforts and urge their representatives in Washington to support background checks that will reduce gun violence.

Hartford Major Pedro E. Segarra, a member of the coalition, will be part of the remembrance event at Edmond Town Hall. He is expected to be joined by Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, Bethel First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker, Ridgefield First Selectman Rudy Marconi, Southbury First Selectman Ed Edelson, and Weston First Selectman Gayle Weinstein.

A number of gun violence survivors, in addition to the elected officials and invited guests already mentioned, will read the names of gun violence victims following Friday’s moment of silence and press conference, said a representative from Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The names will represent a sampling of individual Americans killed with guns, derived from public news reports and the community of gun violence survivors that work with Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Every state in the United States will be represented during the reading of names.

There will be a running ticker at the town hall on Friday, which will tick each time another gun violence victim is reported.

The remembrance event will take place outdoors, weather permitting. Plans call for the event to be in the rear parking lot of the historic building at 45 Main Street. Organizers have the building’s gymnasium reserved as a backup location if needed.


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