Public Forum Set For July 11 On Sandy Hook Fund Distributions

A public forum will be held to receive input on the disbursement of the first release of funds from the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation of $7.7 million.

These funds are to be distributed to the families most impacted by the tragic school shooting on 12/14, identified first and foremost as those who lost a loved one, and additionally two wounded teachers and 12 children who escaped from the two classrooms the shooter targeted.

The forum will be held on Thursday July 11 at 8 pm in the gym at Edmond Town Hall in Newtown. In attendance will be a distribution committee of three members, with Ken Feinberg as Special Adviser.

Committee members are Chairman Judge Alan Nevas, and Newtown residents Dr John Woodall and Joseph Smialowski. The forum will allow time for public comment and a draft distribution protocol will be available.

Remaining monies in the Fund will be used for short and long-term community needs, with priority given to supporting programs to assist families most impacted, first responders, and school personnel. A second distribution committee will determine how these funds will be allocated in the coming weeks.

Public input will be incorporated into this distribution. Future donations to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund will be dedicated to the community support efforts.

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