Final Collection Of Big Time Rush Tickets To Be Distributed Sat. At Municipal Center

Residents passing by Fairfield Hills in recent days can already see something big is coming to town. Additional fencing and a line of port-a-potties have already been installed for Monday’s concert by Big Time Rush. As of this afternoon, 3,500 tickets have been given out to Newtown residents for the 7 pm concert on July 22. Tickets are free, but are for Newtown residents only.

Elizabeth Rallo, Newtown Recovery Team Project Manager, has announced that 100 Big Time Rush tickets will be handed out at Newtown Municipal Center on Saturday, July 20, at noon.

“It is Nickelodeon’s greatest desire that the maximum people attend,” Ms Gallo said Friday afternoon. “After several hand out days, we still find ourselves with some unclaimed tickets and we need to pass them out before it is too late.

“I will be handing out the remaining unclaimed tickets as first come, first serve BTR tickets tomorrow at the municipal center from 12-1 pm. I have about 100 tickets at this time, so they will go very fast.”

Saturday, says Ms Rallo, will also be an opportunity for anyone who has tickets, but cannot use them, to turn them in.

“In order to best meet the needs of every family in Newtown to attend this event, anyone who has yet to claim their tickets at this time no longer has them,” she said. “If they are still interested they will need to join the First Come First Serve” line on Saturday.

Tickets are limited to five or less per family. Those requesting tickets on Saturday must provide proof of residency, and may not already request tickets if they have been allocated tickets already.

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