Llodra Releases Statement Ahead Of 12/14 Report

As Newtown waits for a report on the incidents of 12/14 due to be released Monday afternoon, and a court decision on the release of 911 audio files from that tragic incident, First Selectman Pat Llodra posted the following statement on her blog:

"These weeks are very difficult for our community," she stated. "We are gearing up for the release of the investigation report, will learn of the disposition of the tapes of the 911 calls, and will experience the first anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook School."

Mrs Llodra said each of these happenings has the potential to feel like a body blow -- "It takes our breath away and we struggle to regain our balance." 

"No one experiences these events more deeply and more painfully than the families of the victims," she continued. "Consider, too, the cumulative emotional impact of this past year as felt by every parent of every Sandy Hook student, by their teachers and staff, and by those who love and care for them.  

"Part of our despair is that we can do little to ease their personal pain. We cannot stop the drip-drip-drip of leaked information -- a problem that has plagued us for months and months," Mrs Llodra noted. "Is it possible that those persons who feel compelled to speak without authority and without permission do not know the harm they do?"

Mrs Llodra also admitted that the community cannot stop the release of whatever information the courts determine must be released.

"And we cannot, despite massive efforts of many, ensure that we will not be overrun by media on December 14," she added.

"So, what can we do?  We can tap into that inner strength we have called upon again and again over this past year to confront what we must, manage that hurt as best we can, and put it behind us somehow," Mrs Llodra continued.  "We can be sure to not let others control our destiny. We cannot change what happened at Sandy Hook School; we can only choose how we respond." 

She said the community and those close to the tragedy have a choice on December 14.  

"We have called upon every person to honor those who lost their lives that day in a personal, kind way.  We ask, too, that you not let the specter of media overload destroy again our Sandy Hook commercial village," she noted. "Come to shop, to dine, and enjoy the beauty of the village on December 14. Our presence there in support of these businesses shows that we will make the choice to not be deterred on our journey of recovery."

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