Federal Judge Dismisses NSSF’s Challenge of Gun Control Law

NEW HAVEN – A federal judge Monday dismissed the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF) lawsuit against Governor Dannel Malloy, and other state officials, which challenged the legality of a state gun control law approved last April stemming from the Sandy Hook School shooting incident of December 14, 2012.

In its lawsuit, the NSSF, which is a Newtown-based trade association that has more than 200 members in the state, claimed that the state legislature’s passage of the gun control law violated the laws governing the state legislative process. The NSSF also sought an injunction barring the law’s enforcement.

The NSSF claims that its members’ commercial interests and right to bear arms are adversely affected by the new state gun control state law. The group has members which are businesses and individuals.

In her decision issued on December 2, US District Judge Janet Hall ruled in favor of a motion by the defendants, deciding that NSSF does not have the legal standing to function as a plaintiff in such a lawsuit.

 “Because the pecuniary injury asserted as the basis for NSSF’s standing is unrelated to the rights of democratic participation in the legislative process that NSSF seeks to vindicate, the court lacks the authority to adjudicate the claims put forward in this case. Accordingly, the case must be dismissed for (the NSSF’s) lack of standing,” Judge Hall wrote.

Mike Bazinet, NSSF’s director of public affairs, responded December 3 to the court decision, “We’re reviewing it. When we’re through with that review, we’ll consider our options.”

The state law which was appealed by NSSF increased the number of specific firearms which are prohibited in Connecticut and also prohibited the sale of ammunition clips which hold more than 10 shells.

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