Superintendent’s Letter Advises Parents Of 911 Calls Imminent Release

Interim Superintendent of Schools John Reed sent a letter to school district parents and staff members on Tuesday, December 3, in anticipation of the Wednesday, December 4, release of local 911 calls made to the Newtown Police Department during the events of 12/14 at Sandy Hook School.

In the letter, Dr Reed explained the recordings will be released at 2 pm, and will be available through the offices of Cohen and Wolf in Danbury.

“I want you to have the opportunity to think about what steps, if any, you may wish to take to minimize media exposure for you and your family. I expect significant media coverage through Thursday,” Dr Reed wrote. “Like you, I have not listened to the tapes but I suspect for many persons the tapes will be an emotional trigger. I remain confident that by supporting one another with love and understanding we will continue to move forward as a school system and community.”

Dr Reed also reminded parents and staff members of helpful information he included in a letter on November 19, available here.

“I encourage parents to communicate directly with your child’s school counselor, school psychologist, school social worker, school nurse, or school administrator about emotional health concerns you may have in the coming weeks. In addition, you may also call David Jacob, Recovery Project Director, 203-426-7622,” Dr Reed wrote.

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