Flooding Damages C.H. Booth Library

C.H. Booth Library Acting Director Beryl Harrison reported Saturday afternoon, January 4, that sprinkler pipes above the second floor of the library apparently froze and broke, at approximately 3 pm, causing the ceiling to collapse in the director's office and tech services area of the second floor, as well as in the first floor children's department. 

"No one was hurt," said Ms Harrison, though some staff members in the immediate area "got a little wet."

Staff members heard what sounded like snow sliding off of the roof, said Ms Harrison, and then "black water began pouring down the wall."

The damage seems to be contained to the new addition to the library, she said, with the original portion of the building appearing at this time to be spared damage. Special collections on the third floor are not harmed, but new books and books waiting to be cataglogued on the main floor are lost, Ms Harrison said.

Ms Harrison said that the library will be closed Sunday and Monday, January 5 and 6, "and possible the entire week," as officials assess the damage.

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