Town Officials Remind Residents Of Snow & Ice Control Rules

George Benson, town director of planning and land use, said this week that property owners should follow the provisions of the town ordinance requiring that sidewalks in front of individual properties be kept clear of snow and ice.

Mr Benson said that the reminder to keep sidewalks clear comes in response to several complaints made to the town about sidewalks that had not been kept clear for pedestrians.

Under the terms of the town ordinance, the owner or the person in possession and control of land abutting a public sidewalk is responsible for keeping the sidewalk clear of snow and ice, and would be liable to people who become injured for failure to keep the sidewalk clear.

According to town police, a town ordinance prohibits the parking of vehicles on town roads between sunset and sunrise from November 15 through March 15. The parking ban is intended to allow town public works staffers to clear those roads of snow and ice in a timely manner.

Also, it is illegal for property owners and snow removal companies to deposit snow and/or ice on roadways.

Additionally, state law prohibits motorists from driving vehicles that have snow and/or ice accumulations on the top, back, and sides of their vehicles. The law, which went into effect January 1, requires that all vehicle windows be cleared to provide unobstructed views.

If snow and ice deposits are not properly cleared from vehicles, those deposits may break loose and fall off or fly off the vehicle, causing hazards to other drivers.

Also, Fire Marshal Bill Halstead asks that the owners of businesses, residences, and other properties that have fire hydrants, dry hydrants, or fire suppression tank plumbing fixtures on them to plow out or shovel out accumulated snow from those areas as a fire safety measure.

Having such plumbing fixtures clear of snow aids local volunteer fire companies to get quick access to water sources during wintertime fire emergencies.

Mr Halstead reminds business owners that the second exits or the stair exits for businesses must be cleared of snow and ice as a public safety measure.

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