Fire Reports | July 17 - 23, 2014

The radio dispatchers at the Newtown Emergency Communications Center at Town Hall South, 3 Main Street, report the following fire calls and the responders:

Thursday, July 17: 1:48 pm, hazardous condition, near 85 South Main Street, Hook & Ladder responded.

Friday, July 18: 3:24 pm, burning odor indoors which was a water heater malfunction, 45 Mile Hill Road South, Hook & Ladder, Botsford, and Sandy Hook responded; 4:48 pm, hazardous condition, near 54 South Main Street, Hook & Ladder responded. 

Saturday, July 19: 9:16 am, public service, 45 Main Street, Hook & Ladder responded; 6:29 pm, alarm, 42 Bradley Lane, Sandy Hook responded; 9:18 pm, illegal burn/outdoor fire, near 41 Brushy Hill Road, Hook & Ladder responded.

Sunday, July 20: 2:38 am, motor vehicle accident, near 63 Hawleyville Road, Hawleyville responded;  11:23 am, alarm, 3 Nunnawauk Road, Hook & Ladder responded; 1:47 pm, alarm, 20 Farm Field Ridge Road, Sandy Hook responded; 2:02 pm, alarm, 10 Abbotts Hill Road, Dodgingtown responded. 

Monday, July 21: No calls listed.

Tuesday, July 22: 1:38 pm, alarm, 5 Church Hill Road, Hook & Ladder and Sandy Hook responded.

Wednesday, July 23: 8:10 am, alarm, 53 Church Hill Road, Hook & Ladder and Sandy Hook responded; 1:39 pm, wires down, near 5 Old Green Road, Sandy Hook responded; 9:48 pm, wires down, near 15 Washington Avenue, Sandy Hook responded; 9:54 pm, wires down, near 25 Cherry Street, Sandy Hook responded; 9:57 pm, lightning strike causes structure fire, 10 Elana Lane, Sandy Hook, Hook & Ladder, Botsford, and Hawleyville responded.

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