Meditation And Prayer In Taizé Style Planned At Trinity Church

On Wednesday, February 19, there will be a service of Taizé worship at 7:15 pm in Trinity Episcopal Church. 

This tradition of musical worship began years ago in the ecumenical French monastic community called Taizé. Held at Trinity Episcopal Church in the darkened, richly resonant space, the local Taizé services provide an uncomplicated framework for quiet meditation, reflection, readings and music.

There is no Eucharist or sermon during a Taizé service. Instead, the experience has the opportunity of deepening faith through the power of prayer. All are encouraged to participate as the Spirit moves them, whether that be in song, prayer, or quiet meditation.

A volunteer Taizé Choir and instrumentalists of the Taizé Ensemble are led by Director of Music Ministries Fiona Smith Sutherland in the candlelit nave of Trinity Church.

Trinity is at 36 Main Street in Newtown, at the flagpole.

For more information about this service or the other musical offerings at Trinity or to join the choir or ensemble for this service, contact Ms Smith Sutherland at 203-426-9070 extension 11 or www.TrinityNewtownCT.org.


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