‘Unity & Diversity’ Programs Preview, April 28-May 14

Unity and Diversity is a weekly television program featuring interviews with leaders and representatives of various local religious communities. Those who wish to learn about their religious neighbors in a nonthreatening manner are invited to look in. 

Programs for the coming weeks are: April 28 and 30, “The Catholic Church”; May 5 and 7, “The Russian Orthodox Church”; and May 12 and 14, Reverend Dessain Terry, Danbury Church of Christ (this is a change from the previously announced plan to present “The Unitarian/Universalist Society” on these dates); May 19 and 21, The Friends Quaker Meeting House in New Milford; and May 26 and 28, Dr Kathlene Chesto on “The Sacrament of Baptism.”

Programs are aired on Charter Communications channel 21, Mondays at noon and Wednesdays at 5:30 pm.

The producer and host of the program is the Reverend Leo McIlrath of Sandy Hook, ecumenical chaplain to the Lutheran Home of Southbury.

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