C.H. Booth Library Director Announces Her Retirement

In an unexpected diversion from the agenda of the monthly meeting of the C.H. Booth Library Board of Trustees, Tuesday evening, September 11, Library Director Janet Woycik announced her intent to retire, effective June 30, 2013.

It was a decision, said Ms Woycik in an interview with The Newtown Bee, made only after months of consideration, and one that she did not make lightly. “I love this job,” she said, “but sometimes you have to make a decision and move on it.”

Citing the fact that her husband, Rich Woycik, has been retired for six years already and conversations she and her husband have had concerning their future, Ms Woycik said that she came to the conclusion recently that this was the right decision for this point in time. “It’s probably a good thing. We want to travel, and we may go to Florida for the winters when I retire,” she said.

When Ms Woycik retires in June of next year, she will have served in the position of Library Director for 31 years. She is proud of the evolution of the C.H. Booth Library during those years, she said, and noted that she has seen the library grow not only in functional size, but from the technological standpoint, as well. Ms Woycik was Library Director during the 1998 expansion of the library, which enabled the library to add a separate children’s department and a meeting room, as well as expanding the circulation and reference spaces. It is one of many significant changes she has overseen since her first day on the job, December 1, 1981, Ms Woycik told The Newtown Bee in an interview last December. She added that always, the wishes and vision of C.H. Booth Library benefactress Mary Hawley were kept in mind when implementing changes.

There remains much to be accomplished in her final nine months on the job, and beyond, said Ms Woycik, including the selection of a library director to take her place. Usually, she said, the Board of Trustees sets up a panel to determine the best candidate for a position, she said. “I would love to see someone hired from within, but ultimately, the position itself will dictate who is best for the position of the next library director,” said Ms Woycik. “I hope to be able to help select my successor,” she added.

Ms Woycik said she was grateful for the support of the people and organizations who have contributed to her personal growth and the growth of the C.H. Booth Library over the three decades she has served.

“I do feel sad about retiring. I love the people who work here,” she said, “and the patrons who come here. It will be a big change for me, but one that I think I am finally ready for.”

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