Ambulance Association Ready To Move On New Building

A lease proposal between the town and the Newtown Ambulance Association Inc will move from the Fairfield Hills Authority to the Board of Selectmen for consideration, authority members voted Wednesday.

Counsel to the association Fran Pennarola told authority members: “We are ready to go to bid, plans are drawn.” Association board member Bruce Herring added that they hope to break ground as soon as May, this year. The ambulance association has been negotiating to lease land near the corner of Wasserman Way and Mile Hill South from the town for more than a year.

The lease negotiations for a new, 14,000-square-foot garage situated on Fairfield Hills property is for  99 years, leased at $1 a year.

“This will be a wonderful addition,” Mr Pennarola said. The ambulance corps is looking forward to “providing services to the town for years to come.” The new building design “anticipates the growth of the town and the corps is anxious to move.” The new proposed building will also have room for educational space, which the current  77 Main Street location does not have.

Before voting to move the lease to the Board of Selectmen, authority member Ross Carley said, “I accept the lease as written.” He later congratulated Mr Herring saying, “Good luck.”

Member Brian White cited a conflict and abstained from the vote.

Lease terms state that the tenant wishes to design and construct a new building, for which plans have been submitted.

The new construction will be used primarily to “provide Newtown with ambulance services and related activities such as training, general meetings of the corps and ancillary activities such as CPR and EMT classes offered to the public and agrees not to use [the premises] for any commercial purpose without prior written consent from the landlord.”

The 17-page lease, which outlines terms of liability insurance, terms for utilities, property taxes, sewer assessment and use charges, etc, will next come up for discussion with the selectmen.



lots of hard work. when will the lease be available to read and when will the public hearing on the lease be held?

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