Learning To ‘Fly’ At CircusYoga

“Are you staying for the flying?” she asked.

Kat Barton of A Graceful Planet and the Sandy Hook Peaceful Arts took part in a CircusYoga class Sunday, March 17, with instructors Kevin and Erin Maile O’Keefe.

“This is for fun, community play,” Ms Barton said.

Ms O’Keefe soon told participants who joined the class at Hawley School, “I can teach you to fly at home.”

Her husband soon demonstrated with a student “the Earth element,” who posed as a folded leaf, then a resting leaf, before she lifted her arms to fly. He balanced his student on the balls of his feet with his back on the floor.

Soon many participants broke into pairs and did the same.

Earlier in the class, Jess Pinkney and her daughter Rita sat with Ms O’Keefe, arms linked, all leaning back. Throughout the room were different groups of participants inventing their own poses that they would soon demonstrate. Brandon Ghent lifted Payten Krikorian overhead. As his arms straightened, she lifted hers high. Chris DeWitt and Abby Stites stretched away from one another as she held his feet in her hands.

“Behold the leaning leg lift,” Mr O’Keefe observed of one pose he saw. Ms O’Keefe noted the importance of “delicate balance” in other group’s positions.

Mya Santamaria was “flying” over Heather Morgado, who balanced the young girl on her feet. Mya’s pigtails hung toward the floor where Ms Morgado smiled at her encouragingly.

Asking the groups to break into teams of two or four, Ms O’Keefe said, “OK, put your poses together somehow.”

Within minutes Hannah King formed a base for Sadie Blackwell who balanced on top. Linked to them from the left and right were Kenric Gubner and Avery Jerris. The group held the carefully balanced, intertwined pose for more than a minute. Another quartet of girls all wound their arms together in a circle facing one another, then each leaned backward.

Grace Harvey walked the room with her daughter Caylee on her shoulders.

Brandon Ghent formed a sturdy base as Abby Stites and Payten Krikorian stood on his legs. Sitting on top of the largest huddle that afternoon was Madison Martinez, who perched on a seat formed by the joined feet of four people forming a base, resting back on their elbows and thrusting their feet together.

Sandy Hook Peaceful Arts is a nonprofit organization committed to a generation of healing. All are welcome to attend, donations to benefit Sandy Hook Peaceful Arts are welcome at www.sandyhookarts.org.

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