Spring Concert Celebrated Growth For Newtown, Raised Funds For Police Union

Photo: Kendra Bobowick

Newtown Music Studio Director Jackie Gaudet, center wearing a scarf, joins students and friends in a sing-along opening the April 6 Spring Benefit Concert at Newtown Congregational Church.

Newtown Music Studio Director Jackie Gaudet walked into the church hall singing. Following her through the doorway and fanning out across the room on Saturday, April 6, were students and friends, performing a Spring Benefit Concert at the Newtown Congregational Church. The concert was meant to promote new growth in town while showing appreciation and providing funds for members of the Newtown Police Department.

Ms Gaudet “wanted to do something” positive for town and had “tapped into her talent pool” of students past and present. She said, “They were all eager, with big hearts and lots of effort.” The concert followed an optional bring-your-own picnic dinner.

Waiting for the show to begin was high school student and performer Megan Weber who would soon be singing a collection of songs. With her were Nicole O’Leary, Veronica Moyer, and Zach Aunueller.

Across the room and warming up for their act were Camp Kids, students from a Montessori school in Boston. Among the Camp Kids was the daughter of a man who grew up in town.

Putting on a show of his own as the concert began was 5-year-old Derek Schnee, who lost his first tooth during dinner.

Also taking place Saturday was a silent auction of local artists’ work, crafts, and contributions to benefit the Newtown Police Union (in collaboration with Adopt-A-Cop). Auction chairs were Patti Dempsey, Susie Everding, and Megan Petruney, also an artist.


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