NHS To Present ‘Starting Here, Starting Now’ This Weekend

Newtown High School’s Black Box production of Starting Here, Starting Now is set to open for performances this Thursday, May 2, and run through Sunday, May 5.

Performances on Thursday and Friday are 7 pm, and the Saturday and Sunday performances are at 2 pm. Tickets for the event will cost $10.

Starting Here, Starting Now is a musical revue with lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr, and music by David Shire. The revue explores a variety of romantic relationships, according to the high school. Act I explores the humorous, joyful, melancholy and angry ups and downs of city romances, and in Act II, the songs present characters who have had unlucky experiences in love and life and who have a chance at a new start.

Cast Members for the production are Michelle Spanedda, Brianna Bauch, Lexi Tobin, Kirsten Liniger, Megan Watts, Bonnie Buchetto, Nick Madden, Austin Isola, Josh Goldman, and Tom Primavera.

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