A Special Night For Newtown Couple

Two of Newtown’s own beautiful people, J. David Goldin and his wife Joyce, rubbed elbows with the beautiful people of Washington, D..C, Saturday, April 27, at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) Dinner, held at the Washington Hilton. The Goldins came to possess the tickets that normally are granted only to White House News Correspondents through the intercession of George Conlon, the White House Correspondent for the National Journal in Washington.

Mr Conlon had requested a recording of the WHCA March 4, 1944, dinner from Mr Goldin, who is a radio historian and possesses many rare recordings. The 1944 recording includes a speech by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, according to Mr Goldin, in which he recalls how his “Uncle Ted” used to handle the press, and muses that someday presidential press conferences will be made available for broadcast; all of which remarks were noted to be “off the record.” In return, Mr Goldin had asked for tickets to the dinner, as both he and his wife have an interest in communications.

Mr Goldin worked in news while in radio, for NBC and CBS. Ms Goldin taught business writing and business communications at Western Michigan University, and is a freelance writer.

But because the Goldins were out of the country when the reply came urging haste in accepting the tickets, they found themselves scrambling to get the acceptance form in on time, followed by “a frenzy of shopping for just the right dress, shoes, and jewelry, and a tux for David, as well as a hotel in DC,” said Ms Goldin.

But by Saturday evening, the Goldins were in DC and stepping through the doors of the Hilton, where comedian Conan O’Brien hosted the event.

“I watched all the beautiful people come in,” Ms Goldin said, the women dressed in glittery gowns and their escorts “dapper in their black tuxes.” Among those dapper escorts was one with whom Ms Goldin was thrilled to later be photographed — film maker Steven Spielberg. “Imagine that!” exclaimed Ms Goldin.

The magical evening ended with a somber message by Mr O’Brien, she said, remembering the recent tragedies in Boston and Texas.

“Thus ended our wonderful experience with the beautiful and powerful people at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner,” said Ms Goldin.

The original mission, however, was not completed at the dinner. “I didn’t get to see you in the crowds to give to you the recording…” Mr Goldin penned to Mr Conlon on Monday morning, April 29, and promised to send it by mail.

“I am absolutely delighted that you came and that you weren’t trampled in the crowd,” responded Mr Conlon. “The audience is a tad bigger than at that 1944 dinner at the old Hotel Statler. There were 700 there that night and 2,700 this year.”

“We greatly appreciated the opportunity to enjoy such a delightful event, and at the same time support journalism scholarships,” said Ms Goldin.

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