Scouts Clean Trails At Audubon Center

On Saturday, May 4, scouts from Sandy Hook’s Pack 170 and Southbury’s Pack 61 joined forces to perform trail cleanup at the Audubon Center, Bent of the River, in Southbury.

Bent of the River is a historic 700-acre sanctuary on East Flat Hill Road. According to Audubon Education Director Ken Elkins, the trails suffer an invasive weed called garlic mustard. The scouts were provided gloves and bags as they set off through the trails pulling every weed in sight. After filling close to a dozen garbage bags full of weeds, the scouts explored the Audubon’s vernal pool to see aquatic bugs and spring tadpoles. They finished the day with some Dunkin’ Donuts treats.

The event was planned by Pack 61 Den Leader Gregory Klein, whose son Louis attends Pomperaug Elementary School and is a Webelo I Cub Scout. Mr Klein said, “When you read about tragedy far away, it’s one thing, but when it happens right across the river, this school or that school your kid or mine, it’s different and changes things.”

Mr Klein noted that the father of another Southbury scout was a first responder in Sandy Hook.

“This is our community. We are friends and neighbors. We wanted to reach out, do something fun and of service, and in that little way, help everyone start to move on,” said Mr Klein. 

Pack 170 was represented by Assistant Pack Master John Gonski.

“It was so generous of Southbury to host our pack today,” Mr Gonski said. “I know that our scouts truly enjoyed it and I hope that we can do more events together like this in the future.”

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