Fourth GE Capital Exec Loaned To Support School District

General Electric has provided a fourth loaned executive to the town, this time to provide added support to the school district and Board of Education. Joni Capoccitti, who has been with GE for 35 years, will serve as a project manager for the district, alleviating some of the 12/14-related organizational and logistical duties taken on by district staff in addition to their regular responsibilities.

Ms Capoccitti's first day was June 17, and she will be formally introduced to the school board at a meeting Tuesday evening, according to Anne Alzapiedi, who serves as coordinator for the embedded team from GE Capital.

The new exec will join Ms Alzapiedi, Newtown resident Tom Kelleher, and Elizabeth Rallo who have been working supporting municipal projects and logistics for several months.

Ms Capoccitti's initial duties will include organizing and coordinating on crisis aftereffects, Ms Alzapiedi said.

"Joni will be supporting [Superintendent] Dr John Reed in the areas of organizational planning, workstream tracking, project management, communications planning and distribution," Ms Alzapiedi said.

Ms Capoccitti said on her first day, district staff helped her get situated, and began familiarizing her with the types of communications Dr Reed's office utilizes.

"I'll be meeting the Board of Ed Tuesday," she said. "I'm really excited to be here to lend whatever assistance I can to the schools and the town."

Dr Reed told The Newtown Bee that for the time being, Ms Capoccitti is in an orientation phase.

"Joni is learning about the operational components of the district so she has a frame of reference to take on select projects in the weeks ahead," Dr Reed said. "I expect her to play an important role in developing extended communications plans with various offices in the school district.

"There are so many things we need to help our staff and community members to learn about," he added.

He said Ms Capoccitti already attended a PTA leadership meeting Tuesday morning, to learn about that group and  any concerns those organization leaders have as the current school year draws to a close.

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