Summer SCAN Show On South Main Street

Photo: Shannon Hicks

Standing in the entryway of Tommy’s 160 Main are, from left, Lisa Willvonseder-Greto, in front of her large-scale painting “Stealing Roses”; Gladys Fennimore Freyer, holding her granddaughter Reagan Most; and restaurateur Tom Daoutis.

Eight members of The Society of Creative Arts of Newtown (SCAN) are represented in an exhibition on view at Tommy’s 160 Main, the restaurant at 160 South Main Street in Newtown, until August 31.

The show is the second in a series of four hosted by SCAN, and offers 40 pieces done in oil, pastel, watercolor and mixed media.

A special painting demonstration will be offered on Sunday, June 30, from 3 to 4:30 pm, by Amy Skillin, one of the participating artists. The public is invited, and light refreshments will be served.

Also represented in the show are Ann Marie Foran, Gladys Freyer, Adele Moros, Margaret Moss, Glen River, Marianne Scanlon and Lisa Willvonseder-Greto. 

The public is welcome to view the show while dining or, says restaurateur Tom Daoutis, any time the restaurant is open provided viewing does not interfere with the enjoyment of diners.

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