Metro North Offering Newtowners 'Yankees Express' Train To Sunday's Game

With thousands of locals and supporters heading to Newtown Day at Yankee Stadium Sunday, the team and Metro North are urging as many people as possible to commute in by mass transit. To make that a bit more convenient, the railroad is offering a "Yankees Express" train from Bridgeport or Fairfield, directly to the stadium.

Metro North spokesperson Jim McCormack has provided information and a schedule showing all of the direct game trains on the Harlem and New Haven lines that are available for Newtown residents on Sunday. But the special train is the 10:37 am from Bridgeport, making stops at Fairfield Metro, and Fairfield before running express to the Yankees East 153rd Street Station, arriving a t11:53 am.

Mr McCormack said in a release that it is critical for attendees to purchase their train tickets before Sunday morning, howevber. Tickets can be purchased in advance at any station, including Danbury and Bethel, which are closest to Newtown.

He said purchasing a ten-trip ticket option will also help reduce the number of people who need to line up for tickets, and gets them a discount as well.

"Residents can purchase a ten-trip ticket from Southeast  (NY station) for $121.25 and five people can travel to the game and back with that ticket, saving $21.25 compared to each of the 5 people buying their own round-trip ticket," Mr McCormack said. "It also means that 4 people don’t have to line up to buy their tickets."

He said the Southeast station on the Harlem Line is a very good alternative for Newtown residents.

"There’s plenty of parking, and it’s probably a bit easier for Newtown residents to get to – it’s a straight shot across I-84, and according to Google Maps it’s a slightly quicker drive," Mr McCormack said. "Bridgeport station is convenient as well. Normally the parking garage at Bridgeport is closed on weekends , but we asked the Connecticut DOT to open it on July 7 to accommodate Newtown residents, and they have agreed to do so.

"We’re looking forward to helping make this a great day for the Town," he said.

 More than 3,000 tickets have been distributed throughout the community for the 1:05 pm game against the Baltimore Orioles, and the team has made discounted seats available to those who missed out on the complimentary seats the team released last month.

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