Snapshot: Clare Francke

Occupation: I’m a secretary in the School Counseling Department at Newtown High School.

Family: My husband Dave and I have four children. Matthew is 27, Michael is 23, Colleen is 20, and Christopher is 18.

Pets: We have a golden retriever, Buddy. Our cat, Bear, was just put down recently. He was 14 years old. Buddy is already 10 years old. We might have to get a puppy to help rejuvenate him!

What do you like to do in your free time? Mainly my free time revolves around my children. We spend a lot of time going to their colleges to visit, and visiting friends we’ve made through the kids. I love to walk, and I do the Goodwill and thrift store circuit, searching for clothes and furniture. I don’t think we own a new piece of furniture. I’m a crafter, too. That’s been on the back burner, but in my new empty nest life, I anticipate picking that up again. And I love movies.

Do you have a favorite actor? I like Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams,  in some of the older films. A newer actor I admire is Bradley Cooper. He recently was in Silver Linings Playbook, which I loved.

Do you have a favorite travel destination? I would love to go back to Ireland. I spent a summer there when I was in college. But right now, a place of choice is Southern California. We used to live in California and have some family there.

What is the best thing about Newtown? I’ve loved this town for so many years! I love the fact that it is like it is out of a Norman Rockwell painting, with the Main Street, Edmond Town Hall, and the General Store. And I absolutely love the high school kids. They are great kids, raised by great parents, and going off to do great things.

Who has been the greatest influence in your life? The first person I would think of is my mother-in-law. She has passed away, but she was the best example of a great mother, wife, and friend. She was the pinnacle of what I wanted to be, and such a help raising my family. I’m so grateful I was able to know her and be close to her for as many years as she was here.

Do you have a personal philosophy? Be kind. It will come back to you.

Do you have a guilty pleasure? Oh, sweets! And definitely chocolate in any form.

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