Jo-Mar Drive Incident Prompts Heavy Police Response

At about 11:45 am on Monday, a “lock-in” security condition was lifted at both the Newtown High School and Newtown Middle School campuses in response to a police emergency that occurred on Jo-Mar Drive in Sandy Hook.

Interim School Superintendent John Reed said the lock-in had followed a request from police to do so.

In a statement issued mid-afternoon Monday, Newtown police Lieutenant George Sinko said that at about 10:16 am, Norwalk police contacted Newtown police and advised them that one of their off-duty officers had threatened to harm himself.

Newtown police did not identify the Norwalk police officer, who is in his 40s.

Norwalk police added that the unnamed officer was traveling to his wife’s home on Jo-Mar Drive, Lt Sinko said.

Newtown police were dispatched to Jo-Mar Drive where the Norwalk officer’s unoccupied vehicle was located.

Newtown police took positions around the perimeter of the home and secured the area, Lt Sinko said.

The Norwalk officer was later spotted inside the home. Attempts to contact him were unsuccessful. Newtown police were able to confirm that no one else was at home at the residence at this time, Lt Sinko said.

The school lock-in was advised by police as a precautionary measure as police searched the area. No threats were made toward the schools, and the schools were never in danger, according to the lieutenant.

Newtown police called in the state police’s Emergency Services Unit and the Norwalk Police Negotiation Team for aid in the incident.

Norwalk police negotiators made contact with the Norwalk officer who later surrendered without further incident.

There were no injuries, Lt Sinko said. The Norwalk officer was transported to Danbury Hospital for evaluation.

Newtown police seized a handgun and a shotgun at the scene and turned over to Norwalk police, Lt Sinko said.

No threats or any shows of any weapons were made at any time toward police, he added.

The state police’s canine unit assisted with a search of the home for other weapons. None were found.

Police  cleared the scene at approximately 1:45 pm.

Lt Sinko said Newtown police plan no charges against the Norwalk officer, terming the matter “a medical situation” involving “family issues.” 

“We are trying to protect privacy,” he said.

Norwalk police did not immediately respond to a call for comment.

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