Annual Grandparents Day At Fraser Woods Montessori School

Fraser Woods Montessori School held its annual Grandparents Day on Friday, October 25, to celebrate the family and friends of the school’s students.

Head of School Myriam Woods welcomed all in attendance during an opening reception in the school’s gymnasium, which followed refreshments being offered in the school’s commons.

Ms Woods explained the 2013-14 school year is “the year of geography,” at the school, and students are being introduced to the world through different activities. Ms Woods asked each of the grandparents in attendance to also share their stories from around the world with their grandchildren to help further the students’ cultural knowledge.

“You’re here for your best gift of all, which is your grandchildren, so I would like to welcome them,” Ms Woods said before the first group of students made their way into the gymnasium to sing “Hello to All the Children of the World.”

After hearing multiple songs performed by different grades, the guests visited the school’s classrooms and students.

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