School Board Thanks Departing Members

Board of Education Chair Debbie Leidlein used some of her board’s meeting on Tuesday, November 19, to thank and honor two departing members.

The night marked the last meeting for members Richard Gaines and William Hart. Kathy Hamilton and Michelle Embree Ku, who were elected earlier this month, will take their seats on the board in December.

“I would like to take a moment to recognize two very distinguished members of our board who are departing,” said Ms Leidlein. “We want to take the opportunity to thank them for their countless hours of service to Newtown, particularly during the extraordinary circumstances that we recently had.”

Mr Hart has served on the school board for four and a half years, and served as its chair for part of his tenure.

“He also was very instrumental in supporting Sandy Hook School and managing their website,” said Ms Leidlein.

Mr Gaines has been a member of the school board since 2008.

“[Mr Gaines] has been invaluable to us, serving in many capacities,” said Ms Leidlein. “Recently he has helped with the security committee. He has also served on our facilities [Capital Improvement Plan] committee, and really advocated for many of the projects that committee has pushed through to have come to fruition.”

Ms Leidlein said being a board member required “countless hours of service, countless hours of meetings.”

“So we really appreciate the service you have given to our community and to Newtown Public Schools,” said Ms Leidlein.

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