Plunging For My Sandy Hook Family Fund

The “Plunge For Sandy Hook” event held at Lake Compounce in Bristol on December 8 raised more than $26,000, surpassing its original $10,000 goal, for the My Sandy Hook Family Fund.

At least two Newtown residents took the plunge into the cold water last weekend: Lauren Morehouse and Christina Wolf. The two women, who have been friends since attending second grade at Hawley Elementary School, were on a team of about 20 people, including family members of some of the victims at Sandy Hook School on 12/14.

The Plunge For Sandy Hook was organized by Sean Cummings and Molly Goodine, who both told The Bee before the event that they wanted to do something to continue helping the families, one year after the events at the school.

All plungers were asked to raise a minimum of $50. After party tickets were also sold for $20 for people who do not make the plunge and $10 for plunge participants. Plunge participants who raised more than $100 received a free dinner, one free drink ticket, and five free raffle tickets, according to the event page on Facebook. The after the plunge a party was hosted at Bleachers Bar in Bristol.

Ms Morehouse is the marketing director and co-manager at Julie Allen Bridals and Ms Wolf works as a teacher in Stamford.

“The day was so much fun, and the energy there was fantastic,” said Ms Morehouse.

The plungers, Ms Morehouse said, had different approaches to ready themselves before entering the water. Ms Wolf said she wore a jacket and shorts to acclimate to the cold, and also mentally prepared herself.

As she ran off the dock, Ms Wolf said she asked herself whether plunging into cold water was really something she should be doing. But she was already in motion, running to a loud countdown by a Country 92.5 emcee. After hitting the water, she realized that wasn’t the hardest part: getting out was colder.

Ms Morehouse also said making her way back to the beach was the hardest part.

“We ran down about 50 feet of dock into about 3-4 feet of water,” Ms Morehouse said. “I didn’t hesitate on the jump, I started running and I just cannonballed right in! The hardest part was wading back to the beach from there, I don’t even remember if I could feel my legs.”

Everyone who attended the event was nice, according to Ms Morehouse. One man, who had jumped along with her, stopped on his way back to see if she needed help after her foot got stuck and she fell back into the water.

“That is the kind of people who were there that day,” said Ms Morehouse.

Ms Morehouse raised more than $500, she said, and Ms Wolf raised over $100. Both participated on the Team Chocolate Mingo group for the event.

“It was definitely a fun experience for a great cause that hits close to home,” said Ms Wolf, who also said she plans to plunge again if the event is held next year. Later, she added, “It was an inspiring experience seeing people outside our community organizing and helping our families in need. It’s nice to see acts of kindness being continued almost a year later.”

All proceeds from the event will go to the My Sandy Hook Family Fund. More information about the fund is available at www.everribbon.com/ribbon/view/10076

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