Final Home Solar Installation Workshop Scheduled

UPDATE (Tuesday, January 21, 2014): This workshop has been postponed due to today's snow. It will be held on its snow date of January 23.

The workshop has also been moved. It will now be presented in The Alexandria Room of Edmond Town Hall, at 45 Main Street.

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For residents interested in learning more about their home’s solar energy potential, a final workshop for the Solarize Newtown initiative will be offered Tuesday, January 21, from 6 to 8 pm, at the Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue main station, 18-20 Riverside Road in The Alexandria Room of Edmond Town Hall, 45 Main Street. In the event of snow the workshop will be postponed to Thursday, January 23.

The local program is part of a statewide initiative, Solarize Connecticut, which was launched in Newtown in September. The deadline to join Solarize Newtown, which makes the solar process easier and more affordable for homeowners, is February 11.

“Every family that elects to install a solar electric system in their home helps to diversify the energy mix for the town, the state, and the country. The more we balance our sources of energy, the more we create a sustainable environment for ourselves, for our children, and for all those who will come after,” said First Selectman Patricia Llodra. She is confident that the town will reach the lowest pricing tier available for residents, which is based on the number of households in the program.

As the number of homeowners who install solar increases, the price drops for everyone in Solarize Newtown, according to a recent release.

Thursday evening’s workshop will focus on the financing options available to Newtown residents. Homeowners who have already had home evaluations are encouraged to bring their proposals to the workshop and ask questions specific to their home.

In exchange for outreach support from the town, Newtown’s chosen installer, Astrum Solar, is offering discounted pricing to town’s residents.

For more information about Solarize Newtown or to request a free solar home assessment, visit SolarizeCt.com/Newtown or call Astrum Solar at 800-903-6130.

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