Positive Discipline To Be Keynote Address For PEU 2014; Additional Workshop Topics Announced

The Newtown Parent Connection, Inc., in partnership with Brookfield CARES, announces the return of its popular, parent education day Parent Empowerment University (PEU). This year’s sessions will be offered Saturday, March 22, from 8 am to 2:30 pm, at Newtown Middle School. Registration is necessary for attendees and children.

PEU is offered to parents and caregivers who wish to be proactive and learn positive parenting strengths for raising children of all ages.

This year’s keynote speaker is Jane Nelsen, EdD, LMFT, noted author and accomplished educator in the field of Positive Discipline. Her topic is “How to Empower Your Children and Yourselves!”

Among some of the topics Dr Nelsen will touch upon are the five criteria for positive discipline, the tools and concepts of positive discipline; and unique characteristics of the positive discipline modal.

“Children will listen to you after they feel listened to,” said Dr Nelsen. “Compliments and appreciation bring us closer. Finding ways to compliment your children can be a very valuable parent tool.”

Dr Nelsen has written a number of books, including a series of Positive Discipline titles, Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World and From Here to Serenity: Four Principles for Understanding Who You Really Are, and articles including “I Love You and the Answer is No,” “When Parents Lose It” and “Empowering vs Enabling?”

Her keynote promises to be quite wide-ranging to appeal to families with children of all ages.

Among the guest speakers this year are Mary Ronan, Maggie Ronan Gavin and Charlie Manos.

Mary Ronan, RN, family life and sex educator, and Maggie Ronan Gavin, BFA, will co-facilitate “Clarity, Kindness, Confidence, Mindfulness and Awareness for Families:  A 5 Step Process”

In this workshop, parents will explore the issues that arise in families using five powerful qualifiers as a process to make decisions for their children and to help their children make decisions for themselves.

The approach supports the relationship between parent and child, and can bring calmness to discipline and decision-making within the family. The course will include meditation and breathwork, techniques that are proven to relieve stress and can be used every day.

Charlie Manos is a returning speaker for Parent Empowerment University. His workshop this year is “What Works: The Myths and Realities of Raising Healthy Children,” which will focus on how media has bombarded adults with conflicting and confusing views on children and teen mental health, discipline and substance abuse issues.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide an integrated understanding of what is known about children and teens to help parents build relationships of trust, respect, collaboration, connection, and healthy discipline. The conversation will borrow from current research, thousands of interviews with families and teens, observations of students in public and private schools, and consultations with educators.

Additional speakers and their topics will be announced in upcoming weeks.

Kids University is a free program for children ages 3-11. With music, games, and special guests that provide entertainment for everyone, the offering is always a hit.  The only thing that is needed is for parents  to clarify how many children they are registering and if they will be staying for lunch. A waiver form can be pre-printed and brought on March 22 or they can be filled in during check-in that morning.

“Tuition” is $5 per adult.  A complimentary continental breakfast and lunch are offered.

Registration can be done online at www.newtownparentconnection.org. Payment is via PayPal or any major credit card.

For additional information, call the Newtown Parent Connection office at 203-270-1600 and leave a message.


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