Head O’ Meadow Students Study The Olympics

Head O’ Meadow students in Carol Howard’s first grade class recently studied the Olympics, and thanks to school security guard Mike Kaylor, the students were introduced to a piece of Olympic history.

When studying the Olympics, Ms Howard said the students wrote about what sport they would chose to practice, who they would practice with, and what healthy foods they would eat.

Student Rachael Albrecht said she wrote about snowboarding and would “eat a lot of good food” to stay healthy for it.

Brooke Bulkley chose to write about hockey, “because I like ice skating and that is part of it.”

Gus Spaleta also chose to write about hockey, “because my dad likes it,” he said.

Abbey Manka wrote about ice skating, she said, because “I ice skate at a rink and I practice with my mom. She really knows how to do it.”

If Claire Kortze were to train as an Olympic ice skater, she said she would eat “a granola bar and a healthy sandwich.”

One student, Giovanni Rivera, ended his Olympic writing piece on a positive note. After explaining he would chose to practice hockey, “because my cousin does it,” Giovanni said, “maybe I will play hockey.” Ms Howard also said Giovanni wrote that one day, maybe, he too will be an Olympic athlete.

After learning about the students’ work from Ms Howard, Mr Kaylor shared a flag his father earned from participating in the 1936 Olympic games with the students for a day on Wednesday, February 26.

The flag was hung for the students to view, and, while it was on display, the students learned why the Olympic rings are the colors that they are. Ms Howard explained the rings represent the colors of each of the countries’ flags that participate in the Olympic games.

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