Program Doubled Residential Solar Use; Discounts Through March 31

The Solarize Newtown initiative was a success, said Sustainable Energy Commission chairman Kathy Quinn.

The program, a town and state sponsored initiative aimed to increase residential solar energy use, came to a close in February, but not before doubling the number of households using solar power. In the last year, 42 residents signed contracts that will result in the installation of new solar systems (370 kW’s of new solar), more than doubling the prior figure of 39 residential installations (240 kW’s of power), as stated in a recent release.

“We achieved our goal,” said Ms Quinn.

With these new installations completed, total solar systems in Newtown will be approximately 1.2 megawatts when including municipal and commercial projects.

Although the initiative has come to a close, Ms Quinn encourages residents to continue to consider solar installations, “because it can save money.” Newtown’s solar provider, Astrum Solar, will offer the program’s discounted pricing through March 31. Call 1-800-903-6130 for more information.

Regarding the Solarize Newtown effort, Ms Quinn said, “I am glad we did it. Its’ good for the town and our goals and we are looking into more municipal solar projects.” Learn more about her group, and green-living opportunities at Earth Day on April 26.

David Stout, one of Newtown’s first residents to adopt solar through Solarize, decided to finance his system with a CT Solar Loan.  Stout reported: “Over the next 20 years, I’ll be saving about $37,000 – for me, solar was a no brainer.”

Cathy and Jonathan Kost, another Newtown family participating in the program said, “The timing was right with the incentives in place.  We should break even in approximately 6 years…I’m very excited to have this dream fulfilled.  Slowly, our house is becoming a ‘green’ house.”

 “We couldn’t have been happier with how things went with our solar installation through Astrum Solar,” said new solar-owners John and Lori-Ann Stroili, “We were kept informed throughout the whole process and everything was delivered in a timely and efficient manner. Whether it was pre-sales or project management, we have been thrilled with the results.”

The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA), The John Merck Fund and Smart Power partnered with the town to develop Solarize Newtown. Solarize Newtown leveraged community outreach and the power of group purchasing to encourage residential solar installations.

Astrum Solar, Solarize Newtown’s chosen installer, offered discounted pricing in return for support from the town.  The more homeowners who participated in the program, the lower the price dropped for all homeowners.

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