Enough Chair To Host The Neighborhood

Doug Calderone had quite a few heads turning Friday morning, August 29, as he swabbed one coat after another of bright green paint onto a wooden Adirondack chair out front of My Place Restaurant and Pizza on Queen Street. It was not the color that was grabbing the attention, though, as much as the size of the chair.

As tall as the average man and with a chair seat wide enough to accommodate an entire family, “The Green Monster,” as Mr Calderone referred to it, was being prepped for its new home — wherever that might be.

The chair, originally a brilliant orange in color, had been a promotion item for the Eventbrite company, he said. Mr Calderone, of Farm Fresh Reclaimed Carpentry in Newtown, had come into possession of the interesting piece, not certain what he would do with it. In talking with My Place owner Mark Tambascio, they decided it would make a great raffle item to support the REACH fund, dedicated to helping families, schools, and organizations  in the Newtown area through programs that empower children.

Tickets will be sold at My Place until the start of the Newtown Labor Day Parade, Monday, September 1, said Mr Calderone, for $10 each. One lucky winner will be announced during the parade (and hopefully, have a vehicle large enough to transport the treasure home).

One hundred percent of the proceeds benefits REACH, Mr Calderone said.

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