NHS Transition Students Visit A Bead Of Roses

A Bead of Roses, a bead store at 274 South Main Street, hosted Newtown High School and Brookfield High School Transition program students on Monday, March 11.

The Transition program offers 18- to 21-year-olds vocational and independent living skills. And part of the program, according to Transition coordinator Noel Macfadyen, has the NHS group partner up with Transition students from Brookfield, Bethel, and New Milford.

While A Bead of Roses is not typically open on Mondays, owner Lisa Rose said that allowed her to open the store for only the students that day.

“It’s been great,” said Ms Macfadyen as students crafted beads into bracelets around the shop.

Ms Rose said beading is for everyone, and it is a therapeutic and rewarding activity.

After creating bracelets, the Newtown and Brookfield Transition students had lunch at LeReine’s Cuisine, at 31 Peck’s Lane.

For more information about A Bead of Roses visit www.abeadofroses.com.

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