Letters to the Editor

  • Rising To The Occasion Of A Stranded Cat

    To the Editor: People need to be publicly thanked and recognized for their kind and selfless acts.  My thanks and gratitude today, goes out to Al Potter, of Newtown Arbor Services, for showing up Friday morning in his bucket truck, and rescuing our sc...

  • Benefit Concert Life-Affirming & Joyous

    To the Editor: Last Saturday evening’s Benefit Concert for Families United in Newtown (FUN) was a joy to behold. The many talented performers — many who struggle with significant challenging life circumstances — shared their passion, commitment, expertise, and enthusiasm in self-expression through their musical talent.

  • A Charter Revision Dissenting Opinion

    To the Editor: I wanted to take a moment to provide the dissenting opinion on the Charter Revision Commission’s recent vote that enables one party rule on the Board of Education. While there are four of us who voted to increase minority representation on the BoE, this reflects my opinions only and I do not speak for the other commissioners.

  • The Resilience Of Newtown

    To the residents of Newtown: As you know all too well, we are a country rife with tragedy. Perhaps none so felt than the heartbreak of your idyllic town. Some 20 months ago, we as a documentary team, began the daunting task of creating a film that would chronicle the resilience of Newtown. The plans are for a feature length film, which will air on PBS in the not too distant future. It has been a privilege to chronicle those who have lived through that unimaginable day, as they work so hard to find peace in the aftermath.

  • Get Involved Before It’s Too Late

    To the Editor: I am writing this letter because it is the correct thing to do and the people who care about the Edmond Town Hall must get involved. I saw in this week’s Newtown Bee (May 15, 2015) about the new seats for the balcony. I could not believe what I just read. The article said the Edmond Town Hall is getting new seats. This could not be further than the truth. “The new seats” 1. are used 2. are dirty. 3. are smelly. 4. a full-size person could not squeeze by them to sit down.

  • A Magical Event

    To the Editor: Families United in Newtown (FUN — a recreational program for families with special needs children created in memory of Tyler Jones) sponsored our third concert at the Newtown Congregational Church on May 16. The evening was a magical e...

  • Redefining A ‘Bare Minority’

    To the Editor: It was disappointing to read about the purloining of the fifth Board of Education seat in the letter from Jeff Capeci, Republican chairperson of the Charter Review Commission, former Republican chairperson of the Legislative Council, and present chairperson of the Republican Town Committee.

  • Clarifying The Charter

    To the Editor: We would like to take this opportunity to respond to Mr Rosenthal’s letter to the editor, dated May 4th [“Charter Panel Needs To reconsider School Bd Majority Issue”]. We believe following the minority representation laws prescribed in Connecticut General Statute 9-167A best balances the need for a diversity of opinion on governmental bodies with our belief that the voters should be allowed to decide who sits on the Board of Education.

  • A Face-Lift For Merryhill

    To the Editor: On behalf of the board, staff and families of Merryhill Child Care Center in Newtown, located at 49 Queen Street, we wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to Ken Kinsman of Kinsman Construction for assisting us with renovations to our center in preparation for our upcoming 25th anniversary, open houses and public events.

  • A More Balanced View

    To the Editor: Ms Aurelia’s call for the resignation of Commission on Aging (COA) Chairman Curt Symes [“Time For Leadership Change On Commission on Aging”, Letter Hive, April 24, 2015] includes a number of inaccuracies and conveniently leaves out facts that provide a more balanced view.