• Keeper Of The Flagpole Furls His High-Flying Hobby

    David Lydem has stepped down as the unofficial Keeper of the Flagpole. Or, as the retired Newtown Police lieutenant likes to say, “a facilitator of the flagpole.”

    The flagpole is easily one of Newtown’s most recognizable landmarks. Located not only in the middle of a major roadway, it is also within the heart of the Borough of Newtown. It has appeared for years in photos, paintings, postcards, and in books; on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; and as the backdrop for countless television broadcasts done from the town center.

  • Twenty-Six Benches Provide Rest And Reflection

    The benches began showing up around town last month, inviting those passing by to pause, rest, and remember. By early this week, private contractors, Parks and Recreation employees, and town employees had installed ten of the benches in places as diverse as The Pleasance on Main Street, tucked in next to the rabbit cottage at the back of the property; or at Ferris Farms Creamery, offering an overview of the Creamery and fields across Route 302.

  • NewArts Summer Musical ‘Liberty Smith’ Bows, Massive ‘Lion King Jr’ Opening

    The revolutionary comedic musical Liberty Smith enjoyed a successful run July 31-August 2. An impressive cast of actors, dancers, singers and crew all brought their talents together to present an entertaining evening full of laughter and history lessons. Here, the cast cheers on Paul Revere (Alex Hersh), riding on the back of George Washington (Willem Sandercox), while Rachel Revere (Miranda Wakeman) looks on.

  • Snapshot: Frank LaPak

    Occupation: I started at The Newtown Bee in 1981. I’m retired now, but I still come in once a week to do composition — that’s paste up — for the paper.

    Family: I have five children, all grown up. Dennis lives in Newtown, and so does Tara. Kathleen is in Bethel; Maura is in Brookfield; and Sean is in Waterbury. I have 12 grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and one more great-grandchild on the way. They’re all wonderful kids!

  • The Top of the Mountain

    The kids around town are probably not very concerned about the bus routes yet, but some parents are already eagerly awaiting the 2015-16 bus schedule. Don’t fret — the information is on its way, and will be found in the Back to School supplement to The Newtown Bee, later this month, if you haven’t seen it at the school website. There will be plenty of notice to make sure school kids are waiting at the right place, at the right time. So, relax, and enjoy the summer days still to come.

  • The Way We Were

    Augusts 10, 1990

  • Toto At 'XIV' Still Bringing Explosive, Intricate Rock To Global Audiences

    The progressive American rock band Toto recently released its latest album, XIV. How it is perceived in terms of a follow-up, however, depends on who you talk to among the current lineup of highly respected and globally recognized musicians playing with the ensemble.

    “This (album) is opposite of going through the motions. We are treating this like it is Toto V, our follow-up to TOTO IV," said Keyboardist Steve Porcaro on the band's website.

  • Theater Review: ‘Hot August Nights’ Covers The Theatrical Gamut

    Each of the directors put their own individual stamp on their choices. The effect was an exciting night of theater.

  • SMART Camp Wraps Up Summer 2015 Sessions

    Six-year-old Arthur Khisyamov propels his balloon powered car, created during SMART Camp, across the table, with one big puff.

  • Two Films Being Featured At ETH; Free Screenings Saturday

    In an attempt to reach a wide range of ages for film screenings this month, the Board of Managers at Edmond Town Hall (ETH), 45 Main Street, is offering two films each week.

    The ETH Theatre offered Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, a PG rated comedy starring Kevin James, twice each day from July 27 until August 2. It also hosted screenings of Mad Max: Fury Road, an R-rated feature with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.