• Holiday Closings & Reminders

    All town offices will be closed on Thursday, July 4, in honor of Independence Day. It is also a holiday for the USPS, so there is no regular mail delivery/pickup or retail services. Newtown Senior Center, C.H. Booth Library and the offices of The Newtown Bee will also be closed for the holiday.

  • Tornado, Flash Flood Warnings Issued

    The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Warning for this area until 11:40 am. In addition, the National Weather Service in Upton, N.Y., has issued a Flash Flood Warning for Fairfield Couny, until 12:30 pm. UPDATE: Tornado Warning has expired, but the Flash Flood Warning has been extended to 1:15 pm. Also, due to the weather, Parks & Recreation is closing the day camps at Treadwell and Dickinson parks. Parents are asked to pick up their children as soon as possible.

  • Limited Yankees Newtown Day Tickets Available

    Over 4,000 tickets have been given to the town by the New York Yankees for Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Orioles. Many residents and families who had originally requested tickets are now unable to use tickets, so there have been some returns. Tickets will be available first-come, first-served, on Wednesday, July 3, between 2 and 4 pm only. Ticket-holders are responsible for their own transportation to and from the Bronx for Sunday's game. First pitch will be 1:05 pm.

  • NFA Purchases 27 Acres For Preservation

    “Just close your eyes and listen,” said Newtown Forest Association President Robert Eckenrode. He stood on an overgrown old farming road beside a stream; its splashing sounds mingled with birdsong and a gentle breeze. Referring to a 1934 aerial photograph of the 27.6-acre parcel at 196 Hattertown Road that the NFA recently purchased, member Bart Smith observed that the area where he and Mr Eckenrode explored Wednesday morning, probably once meadows, remains unchanged. “It’s mostly untouched,” he said, stepping over a fallen tree and approaching a stonewall up a slight rise. The new acquisition includes two streams, ponds and vernal pools, beautiful rolling woodlands, stone walls, and evidence of historical agricultural. The land is now protected by NFA, and will likely be opened for passive recreation in the future.

  • NYFS Annual Meeting Honored Volunteers, Others

    During its Annual Meeting on Monday, June 24, the Board of Directors and staff of Newtown Youth & Family Services (NYFS) honored those who have helped the town and the nonprofit mental health clinic and youth service bureau throughout the last year. The board also honored its retiring members for their service to the agency.

  • Father's Day Ribbon Cutting A Joyful Celebration

    A special ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at the home of Lorraine and Mike Hurley, on South Main Street, on Father’s Day Sunday, June 16. For the fourth — and hopefully final — time, family members gathered around the American flag in the front yard to cut a a yellow ribbon. This one had been wrapped around the flag pole since the Hurleys’ son-in-law Lieutenant Colonel Ben Wallen was deployed to Iraq, one year ago. This was Lt Col Wallen’s third deployment to Iraq, and each time, the Hurley family has tied a yellow ribbon about the flagpole until his safe return. Celebrating Lt Col Wallen’s return with the Hurleys on Sunday were sisters-in-law Micaela McMurrough and Maura Kuehling, and her husband Rusty, as well as three grandchildren.

  • Selectmen Slated To Approve $67k In Salary, Wage, Benefit Bumps July 1

    The Board of Selectmen is due to take up several capital and wage related transfers Monday night, July 1 at one of two regular summer meetings planned before September. The two highest profile actions on the agenda are the transfers of $161,579 from the Capital budget line to Contingency. Then a combination of two transfers from contingency will provide wage and benefit bumps totaling $67,477. Negotiated wage and benefit increases for union employees of the Public Works Dept will require a total of $38,670, while 14 workers in various municipal offices will draw their wage and benefit increases from $28,807 proposed for transfer. According to documentation from the town Finance Office, the highest single salary and benefit increase, $4,226, is going to a nonunion staffer in the Public Works Dept.

  • A Fine Send-Off For Library Director

    Dozens of people gathered at a special reception, Friday afternoon, June 26, to honor departing C.H. Booth Library director Janet Woycik. Hosted by the library Board of Directors, guests included many who have rubbed shoulders with Ms Woycik over the years, including staff, former staff, and town officials. All were there to celebrate Ms Woycik’s three decades plus of dedication, and to send her off knowing how much she was appreciated.

  • Moving Communities Forward Is The Goal For Facilitator

    It takes stamina, experience, and a belief in one’s self and others to turn chaos into transformation. Standing in front of The Sandy Hook School Building Task Force the evening of April 5, Richard Harwood looked into the eyes of the task force members, most of whom he was meeting for the first time. The founder of The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, in Bethesda, Md., tried to assess where those members, the additional members of the technical team, and members of the public in attendance were in the difficult process of determining the future of the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

  • Maine Man Proposes Large-Scale Horse Facility In Town

    Imagine an Old Sturbridge Village-like complex complete with a farrier/blacksmith shop, general store with a potbelly stove, farm animals, and several horse barn structures for riding lessons and performances … right here in Newtown. George Mason is...