• Police News September 28 - October 3, 2013

    Sugar Street DUI Police said that at about 10:43 pm on October 2, they stopped motorist Dana Bennett, 68, of Monroe to investigate on Sugar Street, near its intersection with Key Rock Road. Police sai...

  • Second Witness Claims Heath Admitted To Murdering Wife

    DANBURY – A man who was incarcerated in the Bridgeport Correctional Center with accused murderer John Heath told a 12-member jury in Danbury Superior Court on October 8 that Mr Heath, 70, in January had matter-of-factly told him that he had murdered his wife Elizabeth, 32, in April 1984 at their Poverty Hollow Road property in Newtown. Craig Rosenoch, 40, was the second person to have testified in court that Mr Heath had admitted to killing his wife.

  • Selectmen Appoint, Charge Permanent 12/14 Memorial Commission

    Sandy Hook families will be well represented as efforts progress toward the establishment of one or more permanent memorials in remembrance of the tragic events of 12/14. Current and former students’ families, including four parents of children lost on 12/14, as well as two architects, a landscape products supplier, an individual who has worked on grant writing projects, a former member of the Board of Education, and a public relations professional began what could be a two-year-plus mission Monday night as they were sworn in as appointed members of a Permanent Sandy Hook Memorial Commission.

  • Facing Parenting With Faith And Courage Program Happening Tonight

    Newtown Parent Connection, Inc. Newtown Parent Connection, Inc. invites all parents and caregivers to attend what organizers say will be an unforgettable new program: Norm Bossio on Parenthood. Insight and wisdom come with years of experience, and Mr Bossio has a remarkable way of sharing his while enlightening and motivating parents and caregivers who face parenting with the challenges of today’s world. On Tuesday, October 8, at 7 pm, Mr Bossio will speak at Newtown Middle School, 11 Queen Street. (Please note this listing was inadvertently posted as happening on Wednesday, but will be held on Tuesday, October 8.)

  • Defense Lawyer Challenges Police Probe in Heath Case

    DANBURY – The defense attorney for John Heath, 70, the Bridgewater man who is accused of murder in the 1984 death of his wife Elizabeth, 32, challenged the thoroughness of the Newtown police investigation that was conducted after John Heath reported to police that his wife was missing.On October 4 in Danbury Superior Court, Special Public Defender Francis O’Reilly said that the 1984 police investigation into Ms Heath’s disappearance contains “major holes” stemming from police not having documented interviews on the matter which they may have had with certain people who spent time at the 89 Poverty Hollow Road property in Newtown...

  • Police Action Results In Schools Lock-In

    UPDATE: The lock-in has been lifted from both schools. Police activity continues, one person reportedly in custody and situation is contained. * * * * * Newtown Police are responding to an unspecified incident in Sandy Hook. Newtown High School and Newtown Middle School campuses have been put into lock-in mode. Interim Superintendent of Schools Dr John Reed has told The Newtown Bee that the move is in response to a request from the police, to allow them to pursue their current activities.

  • Jo-Mar Drive Incident Prompts Heavy Police Response

    At about 11:45 am on Monday, a “lock-in” security condition was lifted at both the Newtown High School and Newtown Middle School campuses in response to a police emergency that occurred on Jo-Mar Drive in Sandy Hook.Interim School Superintendent John Reed said the lock-in had followed a request from police to do so.In a statement issued mid-afternoon Monday, Newtown police Lieutenant George Sinko said that at about 10:16 am, Norwalk police contacted Newtown police and advised them that one of their off-duty officers had threatened to harm himself.Newtown police did not identify the Norwalk police officer, who is in his 40s.Norwalk police added that the unnamed officer was traveling to his wife’s home on Jo-Mar Drive, Lt Sinko said.Newtown police were dispatched to Jo-Mar Drive where the Norwalk officer’s unoccupied vehicle was located...

  • Sandy Hook School Referendum Passes By Wide Margin

    A rare Saturday referendum drew a higher than average number of voters to the polls at Newtown Middle School handily passing a referendum by about a 90 percent margin, and authorizing the town to move forward with the state-funded demolition and the rebuilding of Sandy Hook School. Residents who turned out between 6 am and 8 pm Saturday cast a total of 5,062 ballots - 4,504 in favor versus 558 votes to reject the funding. During the past two weeks, and especially in the past few days, advocacy for the referendum spread across town and the social networks residents tap into, with hundreds of residents calling for a yes vote on various Facebook pages, including The Newtown Bee's. At the same time, a small but vocal contingent of opposition kept its collective views regarding why the town should not accept a state grant of up to $50 million for the project.

  • Tree Planting And Harvest Festival At Victory Garden Saturday

    With a last-minute reminder to volunteers ready to plant small fruit trees Saturday, October 5, Victory Garden Founder Harvey Pessin asked participants to bring a long handled round faced shovel for planting the trees, and if possible, a metal rake for spreading mulch. With an early glimpse at the trees which were in town and ready for planting on Friday, October 4, he said, “They’re quite beautiful.” He advised those ready to set the trees in the ground, “Make sure your tools are well marked.” Volunteers should arrive at Fairfield Hills at 9:45 am and the planting will begin at 10 am. There will be an introductory demonstration before the planting, and a more advanced demonstration afterward on fruit tree care for those volunteers who are taking home fruit trees of their own (30 trees). All volunteers are invited to attend one or both lectures. The tree give-away is at noon, and the tree care workshop, open to all, is at 12:30 pm.

  • Fruit Trees Will Soon Grow In Fairfield Hills

    Fresh fruit from apple trees planted in memory of the 12/14 victims will soon add to future Victory Garden harvests.  On October 5 at 10 am, garden founder Harvey Pessin and a team of community members and volunteers will celebrate a groundbreaking for the fruit tree ...