• Concert Preview: Máirtín O’Connor Trio Bringing ‘A Great Sense Of Adventure’ To Meeting House Performance

    The Máirtín O’Connor Trio has toured the world with legendary Irish singer Christy Moore, with Australian guitar master Tony Emmanuel, and with the beloved fiddler Martin Hayes’ Masters of Tradition ensemble. They have played to full capacity audiences in venues such as Lincoln Center and UCLA’s Royce Hall. On Friday, April 10, at 8 pm, Fairfield County’s own Shamrock Traditional Irish Music Society will bring the trio — Mr O’Connor, Cathal Hayden and Seamie O’Dowd — to Newtown Meeting House for the first date of a nine-day East Coast tour.

  • Resident’s Dive Medicine Conference Covering Cold, Deep Water Safety, Shark Habitats

    Newtown’s “diver doctor,” David Charash, DO, is poised to host the next in a series of annual Dive Medicine Conferences on April 11 at Danbury’s Ethan Allan Inn at 21 Lake Ave Extension. Welcoming vendors and exhibitors including Newtown Underwater Search And Rescue (NUSAR), Dr Charash told The Newtown Bee that he is honored to be bringing in one of the world’s foremost authorities on deep water diving. “Joe Dituri is recently retired from serving as a Navy Deep Submergence Unit commander, and he holds the world’s record for the deepest underwater dive,” Dr Charash said. “He is also one of the few divers to utilize a deep diving exosuit.” Mr Dituri will discuss some of the health and safety implications of in-water recompression for both research and public safety divers. “He’s a world authority on the subject of decompressing without the use of a hyperbaric chamber,” the physician added. Mr Dituri will be joined on the program by cold water expert and author Bernie Chowdhury, who will cover health and safety practices for cold water diving along with Dr Charash.

  • 12.14 Foundation Casting Calls Set For ‘Liberty Smith,’ Junior Version Of ‘Lion King’

    Since 12.14 Foundation summer musical director and creative leader Michael Unger left Newtown after last year’s successful run of 101 Dalmatians: The Musical and A Rockin’ Midsummer Night’s Dream, he has been very busy. Along with editing an opera DVD in Boise, Idaho, and recently taking on the position of Artistic Director of the York Theatre in New York City, Mr Unger has been working with 12.14 Foundation founder Michael Baroody to determine which shows the company will mount for 2015. The local foundation, whose goal is to eventually develop a year-round arts center in Newtown, has announced it will begin auditioning for its two summer productions April 25, along with a new pay-to-participate program.

  • Snapshot: Marcia Taylor

    A weekly profile of a local person.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    Newtown, from a cat's point of view.

  • The Way We Were

    A look back at Newtown 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago.

  • Concert Preview – Robby Krieger Celebrating The Doors 50 Years On

    As one of two surviving members of The Doors, Robby Krieger is heading out on the road celebrating the group’s 50th anniversary by showcasing mostly familiar Doors tunes with his current band Jam Kitchen - featuring his son, Waylon, on guitar and vocals. In an exclusive interview with The Newtown Bee — 50 years after that history-making first jam session with Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek and John Densmore — Krieger talked about The Doors collaborative songwriting process, revealed why he settled on the Gibson SG as his long preferred choice of guitar, discussed the final stages of building an all-analog recording studio at his home, and what the Playhouse audience will be in for during his upcoming Ridgefield show.

  • NMS Students Performing ‘Shrek The Musical Jr’ This Weekend

    Newtown Middle School students will take the stage to perform "Shrek The Musical Jr" this weekend, Friday through Sunday, March 27-29. The show is a family-friendly musical comedy that follows the adventures of an ogre named Shrek who sets off on a quest to save a princess from a dragon; however, it turns out that in order to ultimately succeed, Shrek must battle different obstacles, including learning how to believe in himself.

  • Take A Seat In Support Of Recovery Fund

    Raffle tickets for this oversized Adirondack chair will be sold Friday, March 27, between 5:30 and 8 pm, at Reed Intermediate School. The winning ticket will be drawn Saturday morning around 9 am, just before the start of the 3rd Annual Sandy Hook 5K. Tickets are $10 each, and sales will be added to the funds raised through race fees, donations in honor of runners, and other fundraising efforts.

  • Theater Review: Something To Believe In

    "Oblivion" is a play about just that: “the state of being unaware of what is happening.” Carly Mensch’s carefully crafted story serves to encourage the audience to believe in things that may not be tangible, visible or reliable, yet we all need to have faith in something. Ridgefield Theater Barn is staging only the third production of Oblivion since its premiere in November 2011, and it is well worth seeing for the valuable and uplifting message this play imparts.