• The Way We Were

    A look back at Newtown 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago.

  • St John’s Serves Up Pancake Supper

    Batter sizzled on a hot griddle. Minutes later Erica Knapp flipped pancakes, filling plates during the 58th annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper at St John’s Episcopal Church, 5 Washington Avenue. Erica’s mother Janet Knapp took the fresh plates, added a side of apple sauce, and passed the waiting dishes to Mary Fellows or Melanie Mattegat, who were among servers welcoming guests to the church’s downstairs hall. Between 5 and 7 pm on Tuesday, February 17, despite the cold weather, residents filled the church stairwell, waiting to purchase their dinner tickets. Erica kept up a steady pace of mixing and baking pancakes, which her mother and volunteer Lisa Ryan assisted with in the kitchen. Wearing a batter-specked green apron and smiling was Stephanie Schneiderman, who also helped serve and clear tables where guests, including Cindy and Bob Mitchell, enjoyed a fresh coffee and pancake supper.

  • Snapshot: Donna Blake

    A weekly profile of a local person.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    Newtown, from a cat's point of view.

  • The Eagles’ Don Felder Talks ‘Hotel California’ Tour Ahead Of Ridgefield Stop

    RIDGEFIELD — Don Felder may not be the first member of The Eagles you think of as you’re humming, or playing air guitar, to “Hotel California,” one of the defining classic rock songs of all time. But Felder’s influence is as much a part of the history of the Eagles, as it is in numerous other collaborations with iconic pop and rock stars. On March 18, local fans will be able to enjoy a huge dose of Felder’s Eagles material, as well as a sampling of his solo material as he rolls his "Evening at the Hotel California" tour into the intimate Ridgefield Playhouse. Check out his exclusive interview with The Bee,

  • Nourishments: The Best Valentine Is A Healthy Heart

    Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and whether your heart is pounding with new love, broken to pieces, or keeping a steady beat, you need to take care of it. Choosing heart healthy foods is one way to do so. It is pretty well agreed upon by nutritionists and doctors that variety is not only the spice of life, but the key to longevity, when it comes to food. Ask any nutritionist, or check out any online nutrition site for heart healthy foods and you will see a number of the same foods pop up, over and over. These are not the fads that promise to be the new Fountain of Youth, but rather foods that have proven their worth through years of research. They are also not usually too exotic, so adding them into your diet does not mean a field trip to some far-flung specialty shop.

  • Wine And Chocolate Warm A Wintry Afternoon At The Vineyard

    As snow fell outdoors, a wood-burning stove warmed the rustic hardwood interior at McLaughlin Vineyards on Sunday, February 8. Spreading a different kind of warmth were the chocolate and wine pairings, as guests sipped and sampled various flavor combinations during the season's first Wine & Chocolate Pairing wine education class with Sommelier Lee Gentile.

  • Theater Review: Impressive Collection One Acts At Theater Barn

    The opening night of a run of original one act plays at Ridgefield Theater Barn on January 30 proved entertaining and thought provoking. Some of the most whimsical pieces brought home a valuable message. Others were just plain fun. While somewhat uneven, the audience thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of the plays. Many were very well written, effective and totally captivating.

  • "Angels On Game Day": Sandy Hook Bracelet Made It To The Super Bowl

    Shane Vereen remembers hearing about the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He wears a green and white wristband inscribed with Angels of Sandy Hook on his right wrist, a daily reminder of a cold morning Friday in December 2012 when Sandy Hook suddenly became known around world. Within days of the shootings, rubber wristbands designed by Sandy Hook resident Kris Schwartz began appearing in Newtown. As days and then weeks passed, the bracelets began showing up everywhere, even across the country. Last weekend when Vereen and the New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX, one of those bracelets was spotted on the running back's wrist. A gift from someone shortly after 12/14, Vereen says he hasn't taken it off since he received it.

  • 'Something Special' Caught On Film at Holcombe Hill

    “Take a minute to watch something special," wrote Newtown Forest Association President Robert Eckenrode, referring to a video submitted to him by “two young aspiring artists.” Two residents and photo and videographers created a film depicting the natural beauty they experienced at the Holcombe Hill property owned by the Newtown Forest Association, and sent it to Mr Eckenrode.