• Free Screening Of ‘Captain America’ Saturday At ETH

    Continuing its monthly series of one free movie, Edmond Town Hall will screen Captain America: The Winter Soldier on Saturday, July 12, at 7:20 pm. Tickets are free courtesy of Ingersoll Auto of Danbury. The film starring Chris Evens, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Redford, and Anthony Mackie, et al, is being featured daily, July 11–16, at the theater within the historic building at 45 Main Street. The modern world holds many challenges for this marvel superhero who, after decades in suspended animation, finds himself confronting a complex society that no longer understands his old school idealism. A society where the lines between friend and foe are insanely blurred. A place where an old enemy can patiently wait and plot his revenge in this action-packed sci-fi adventure.

  • Sharing Lemonade Stands Geared To ‘Giftivism’ For The Sake of Kindness

    Members of Newtown Kindness, a nonprofit group that formed to honor the memory of one of the children who died 12/14, is spreading the spirit of “giftivism.” A group of Newtown Kindness members gathered on Saturday, June 28, at Sand Hill Plaza to distribute free lemonade-making kits to children who will make lemonade and then give it away. The project is known as Charlotte’s Lemonade Stand. This is the second summer the lemonade stand kits are being given away. The program debuted in July 2013. Newtown Kindness was formed in the memory of Charlotte Bacon. The organization’s mission is to promote kindness as a guiding principle of humanity. Aaron Carlson, who heads Newtown Kindness, said, “This is about giving.”

  • Public Views Cast-Glass Sandy Hook Memorial

    On Sunday, June 29, at Curtis Packaging in Sandy Hook, members of the public at a reception viewed a sculpture commemorating those who were killed in the Sandy Hook School shooting on 12/14. The stained-glass sculpture fashioned by artist Lucy Lyon of New Mexico was commissioned by local businessman Don Droppo, Sr. The artwork simply is known as Sandy Hook Memorial. The 21-inch-tall symbolic glass sculpture has a 26-by-30-inch base. The finely detailed sculpture shows a library scene including tiny stained glass books which line six shelves surrounding 20 tiny glass chairs. The shelves represent the educators who died, and the chairs symbolize the children who were killed. At the reception, Mr Droppo said that when directional light strikes the cast-glass sculpture in a certain way, the beauty of its stained glass is stunning.

  • It Looks Like A Banner Year For The Book Sale

    It is turning into “a banner year,” said Friends of C.H. Booth Library Book Sale Volunteer Toni Earnshaw of the CD, DVD, and even sci-fi/mystery book sections of the upcoming book sale. “Twice as many CDs as last year — 7,000 at at last count” have been donated for this year’s fundraiser, which returns to the air-conditioned Reed Intermediate School for its 39th annual offering Saturday through Wednesday, July 12–16. In addition, the Friends have received a donation of at least 2,000 gardening, crafts and woodworking books from “a local publisher,” said Ms Earnshaw. A collection of 1,000 paperbacks arrived on June 22, and “a large selection of beloved Mad magazines” has also arrived, she said. The recent donations are a welcome change for volunteers, who saw a slower than normal start to this year's donations. “People know the sale is coming up, they knew it was difficult to make donations when the library was closed, and now the weather has turned…” said Ms Kaiser, to which Ms Earnshaw added, “It’s been like a flood.”

  • Snapshot: Erica Thompson

    A weekly profile of a local person.

  • The Way We Were

    Newtown news of 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago.

  • Top of The Mountain

    Newtown notes and news, told from the point of view of a cat named Mountain.

  • Theater Review: A New Danish Prince Is Crowned At Town Players

    We are products of our choices. With Paul Rudnick’s "I Hate Hamlet," The Town Players of Newtown tackles the question of art over fame and fortune for one young, contemplative TV star. In doing so, the Town Players current summer fare proves to be the perfect antidote to summer doldrums and a delightful evening of theater. The script itself is loaded with laughs. The direction and performers find these moments and play them with perfect pitch, they are subtle yet uproarious.

  • Home & Garden Tour Put History And Horticulture On Display

    The 1750 Matthew Curtiss House at 44 Main Street, which is the museum and headquarters of Newtown Historical Society, was the stepping-off point for the society’s 18th Annual House & Garden Tour on Saturday, June 28. Participants obtained maps there of the houses and gardens that were open to ticket-holders on Saturday. The 18th annual event was well attended, and again served as a fundraiser for the historical society. This year's event offered eight properties on Main Street, one on West Street, and one on Newfield Lane. Tourgoers observed that while they may have passed the properties on display many times, they were not aware of the elaborate gardens present in their rear yards.

  • A Glimpse Of The Garden: Decades Of Delight

    “A Glimpse Of The Garden” is a seasonal miniseries focusing on the heart of a gardener’s work — a special spot, an extraordinary plant, a place of respite, or a place that evokes a heartfelt memory. What is down the garden path of your friends and neighbors? What is down your garden path? This week, a visit with Liljan Minck, who for nearly 60 years, has sat on the broad porch of her nearly 200-year-old home, resting after a session of dedicated work developing the gardens that surround her house. “I see everything from here,” she said — trees, birds, flowers, shrubs, and people going by." Over the course of many years, she and her late husband Albert did all of the landscaping on their property. Nestled up against the foundation of the house is a flowerbed filled from front to back with seasonal delights, such as the fragrant White Festiva Maxima peonies, several varieties of hosta, golden leaf spirea, and lush bleeding heart shrubs. Peeking out from these are long fronds of Solomon’s Seal here and there, and the silvery white foliage of Snow-In-Summer. Daisies bloom abundantly at the side of the house, as well.