• The Way We Were

    A look back at Newtown 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago.

  • Ian Anderson — Weaving A Lifetime Of Music Into Jethro Tull Rock Opera

    Ian Anderson, known throughout the world as the flute and voice behind the legendary band Jethro Tull will be performing JETHRO TULL, The Rock Opera at Foxwoods Resort Casino on November 8. Celebrating the life and times of the English agricultural inventor, the concerts tell the story of Jethro Tull’s life, reimagined as if in the near future and illustrated with songs from his rich repertoire. The performance features virtual guests on video and some newly written songs to round out the story. “Heavy Horses,” “Farm On The Freeway,” “Songs From The Wood” sitting alongside “Aqualung,” “Living In The Past,” “Wind-Up,” “A New Day Yesterday,” “The Witch’s Promise,” “Locomotive Breath” and others from his vast 30 album catalog.

  • Who's Afraid Of The Dark?

    Looking at a late October sky brightened by a Hunter’s Moon, Aaron Coopersmith asked: How do you know the difference between a planet and a star? “Stars twinkle,” he said. Wearing a Viking helmet and hefting his sword, he soon led hikers along a moonlit path crossing a dark field at Holcombe Hill Preserve on October 27, just after 7 pm. Gathering hikers beneath a tree as wind disturbed its leaves, he told guests about the Newtown Forest Association property and its former owner, Josephine Holcombe, whom he described as an “eccentric” woman. About 30 people joined Dr Coopersmith for his latest NFA program, which was led under the light of what is traditionally the brightest moon of the year.

  • Storyboard and Puppet Making Programs Added To Library Calendar

    Certified art therapist Nicole Porter Wilcox of Emerald Sketch, LLC in Brooklyn, N.Y. will offer a three sessions on storyboarding on Mondays in November. The programs are for Newtown residents ages 8-13. Participants may sign up for one, two or all three of the sessions, but each is limited to ten people. Ms Willcox will guide participants in creating storyboards, using illustration, painting, or sculpting. Each young person will have the opportunity to share their story with the group, or not, as he or she prefers. Then on Monday, December 14, Tony Award-winning actor Nick Cordero will join Ms Willcox for a two-hour puppet or mask-making session.

  • A Walk On A Moonlit Night — Anyone Scared?

    Newtown Forest Association hike leader Dr Aaron Coopersmith does not want to give away his costume yet, but welcomes guests to dress for Halloween and join him Tuesday, October 27, at 7 pm, at the Holcombe Hill Preserve, 65 Great Hill Road, for a Hunter’s Moon full moon hike. Costumes and flashlights are optional for the all-ages event.

  • Equestrians Ride For The Cure

    Komen Connecticut and the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard held the first Ride for the Cure, on the Horse Guard’s Fairfield Hills grounds, on October 24. Riders dressed in pink and saddled up to raise funds and awareness for the local fight against breast cancer. Among the participants were members of the Wilton Riding Club.

  • Scarecrow Sculptures On View; Voting Continues To Thursday

    More than 30 entries for the 2015 My Favorite Scarecrow Sculpture Contest arrived on the front lawn of Newtown Middle School by early afternoon Saturday, October 24. The public now has until Thursday, October 29, to decide, through $1 votes, which sculpture should be deemed this year's winner. The money generated during the voting period will be split among the three teams whose sculpture collects the largest number of votes.

  • Great Pumpkin Challenge Matching Donation Announced

    This year’s Great Pumpkin Challenge campaign has already started collecting donations, and this week challenge creator Mackenzie Page announced the Life is Good company will match each dollar donated, up to $10,000, for the cause. The annual fundrasier has primarily raised funds for The Hole in The Wall Gang Camp since its inception in 2011. Life is Good Co-Founders Bert and John Jacobs, Mackenzie said, are also planning to be at her Main Street home on Friday, October 30. The Jacobs brothers will be joined by actress and Hole In The Wall Gang Camp board member Bridget Moynahan during pumpkin collection times that day to support the local challenge to raise money. The camp is a summer camp and center that serves children and families coping with cancer and other serious illnesses. The Great Pumpkin Challenge began four years ago, when Mackenzie was in eighth grade. She was inspired to support a family friend, Zoe McMorran, who was diagnosed with brain cancer.

  • Lisa Unleashed: National Pit Bull Awareness Month & Bill O’Reilly

    Even before 2005, when 12-year-old Nick Faibish was mauled to death in San Francisco by a “pit bull,” these dogs were maligned, misunderstood, and made into media fodder. After this unfortunate death, Bill O’Reilly featured actress Linda Blair on his Fox News cable show The Factor in search of someone who wanted to stand up for the perilous pit bull. His argument at the time: stay as far away from these dangerous dogs as possible.

  • Racing Gourds & Flying Pumpkins: Lions Host 6th Annual Great Pumpkin Races

    The Newtown Lions Club conducted its Sixth Annual Great Pumpkin Race October 17 behind Edmond Town Hall, featuring some fiercely competitive gourd racers and several other seasonal diversions, including pumpkin bowling, bobbing for apples, and the ever-popular hurling of pumpkins into the woods by Mark Michaud and Don Ramsey’s pumpkin trebuchet.