• Nourishments— A Kind Of Corny Story

    I have a great deal of respect for farmers who grow sweet corn. It is not an easy task, particularly if trying to grow it without the excess use of fertilizers and pesticides — not to mention the potential for crop damage by nature and nature’s wildlife.We grew corn one summer. It was a hybrid variety called Kandy Korn, and we picked it because the elderly couple from whom we normally made our summer corn purchases had retired from farming. They were the only farm in the area who grew this variety, that we knew of, and the unbelievable deliciousness of it was something for which we waited all year, every year.

  • ‘Our Gift To Newtown:’ After An Abbreviated Performance, Panacea Reuniting Once More For Full Show

    Panacea, who performed what turned out to be an abbreviated reunion set during The Great Newtown Reunion last summer, has promised fans that this time they’re not leaving the stage early. The band — which formed when members were students at Newtown High School during the late 60s and early 70s — will headline a concert at Dickinson Park on Sunday, August 31. Panacea will return to their starting point over Labor Day weekend to perform a show that will also include sets by resident Manny Pavone and the local trio Eclipse. The event, Panacea & Friends, will begin at 4 pm, and admission is free. "This is a gift to Newtown from all of us,” said Leslie. She and her brother Corky Ballard sat down recently outside Newtown General Store to talk with The Newtown Bee about the band that continues to hold a special place in their heart.

  • New Caretaker A Natural Fit For Holcombe Hill Preserve

    With a panoramic view of surrounding towns’ distant horizons, Dave Brooker looked across the lawns and meadows covering Newtown’s highest point. He is the new Newtown Forest Association (NFA) caretaker — an unpaid position — now living at Holcombe Hill Wildlife Preserve and in the caretaker’s residence of former land and homeowner Josephine Holcombe.

  • Snapshot: Ray Irrera

    A weekly profile of a local person.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    Newtown, from a cat's point of view.

  • The Way We Were

    A look back at Newtown 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago.

  • EverWonder Celebrates New Exhibition: The Mag Wall

    EverWonder Children’s Museum Experience Board of Directors member Karen Smiley officially announced the opening and dedication of its new Mag Wall, funded by Newtown Junior Women’s Club (NJWC), on August 2. “We’re very excited to have this exhibit,” Ms Smiley said, before children attendees at the event made their way over to interact with the wall. The exhibition had been at the museum on a trial basis for about three weeks before its formal introduction to the public last weekend.

  • Children Find Freedom In Water Sport Clinic

    Leaps Of Faith clinic volunteer Joey Corrod shared a tube ride with participant Dave Dally during Freedom Splash, a new offering presented by Leaps of Faith Adaptive Skiers on July 31. The two laughed as their tube bounced across the boat’s wake. The two were just one of a number of pairs who spent time on Lake Zoar last Thursday afternoon, participating in the free clinic for children ages 6-17. LOF Executive Director Joel Zeisler explained, “Freedom Splash is a new program for us this year. Within days of advertising this water sports event, it was completely sold out so we knew we had created something that resonated with both parents and children.” He is already looking forward to hosting this event again, he said.

  • Magnificent ‘Maleficent’ News: Free Shows All Weekend

    Ingersoll Auto of Danbury will cover the costs of tickets for this coming weekend’s screenings at Edmond Town Hall. The feature, running August 8-14, is "Maleficent." The dealership is inviting residents of all ages to enjoy a show on Saturday or Sunday, August 9-10. Four screenings are planned each day.

  • Ben’s Bells Founder Visits Newtown

    Ben’s Bells Project Founder and Executive Director Jeannette Maré arrived in Newtown Friday, August 1, to visit the Ben’s Bells Newtown studio on Church Hill Road. She was also a participant on Saturday at the 2014 Kindness Conference: Building the Science of Kindness Together, held at Walnut Tree Hill Church in Bethel. “One of the main reasons for the visit was not only for the conference and Kindness Education Program, but to see the new studio [located on Church Hill Road],” Ms Maré said Friday afternoon. “It’s really, really exciting to see the studio in working order, it’s sort of overwhelming! It’s really cool to see all this progress and kindness come from the community. There’s so much positive energy and it’s great to see that happening.”