• Seniors Scare Up A Game Of Bingo

    Halloween party at the Newtown Senior Center.

  • Local Organization Offering Ways To Honor 12/14

    Newtown Action Alliance (NAA), an action-based grassroots organization founded after 12/14 by Newtown residents that is dedicated to reversing gun violence in this nation, and its sister organization, The Newtown Foundation, focused on educational, healing, and cultural programs, invite the public to take part in three projects designed to move our community forward as the first anniversary of 12/14 draws near. NAA has arranged for postcards to be mailed to members of Congress that will encourage them to "Remember Newtown," for holiday cards with positive messages of hope and peace to be sent to friends and relatives, and is also organizing local participating in both a volunteer effort and vigil for gun violence in Washington, D.C. on December 12.

  • Registration Filled For Therapy/Comfort Dog Walk-A-Thon

    Newtown Kindness will be hosting a Therapy/Comfort Dog Walk-A-Thon this Saturday, November 2. The organization received so much support that registration has been closed to any further people who wish to participate. Saturday's program will mark the official announcement for its new program, Charlotte’s Litter. Joel and JoAnn Bacon, and their son Guy, started Charlotte’s Litter to honor the memory of their daughter and sister, Charlotte Bacon, one of the children killed on 12/14. Charlotte’s love for animals and the family’s own personal experiences with comfort dogs inspired the program, which advocates for therapy/comfort dogs to be more readily available.

  • Theater Review: Martin’s ‘Underpants’ Enjoyable As Long Wharf Opener

    A century ago a German playwright named Carl Sternheim wrote a ribald comedy satirizing the manners and aspirations of the rising bourgeoisie. Ninety years later, the actor, comedian and serious writer Steve Martin, took Sternheim’s play — Die Hose — and adapted it into an equally raunchy farce, The Underpants, which is serving currently the season opener for Long Wharf’s C. Newton Schenck III Theatre. As directed by Gordon Edelstein, "The Underpants" is a frothy and enjoyable piece of theater, if not a memorable one. It has good permances, a great set, and delightful period costumes including a variety of bloomers that would put Victoria’s Secret to shame.

  • Theater Review: Good ‘Mannerly’ In Hartford

    Jeffrey Hatcher's "Mrs Mannerly," currently on stage at TheaterWorks Hartford, is billed as “an uproarious comedy.” The autobiographical portrait of 10-year-old Jeffrey’s eight week stint in an etiquette class while growing up in Steubenville, Ohio, in 1967, is certainly highly entertaining, but it also has an underlying message that bears attention today. The show is filled with raunchy humor, language and sight gags, but it is also infused with Hatcher’s innate kindness and empathy, which he attributes to the real Mrs Mannerly of his childhood, upon whom this play is based. The TW Hartford production is definitely worth a drive to the state capitol.

  • Where Is The Chow?

    Time is running out to make donations to Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month and when Piper last checked out the drop-off box at The Newtown Bee, it was a long way down to the several cans of food at the bottom. Items for the Newtown Animal Control Center are being received until November 1, any time the office at 5 Church Hill Road is open.

  • A WIN-Win For FAITH Food Pantry

    FAITH Food Pantry has relied on the kindness and support of Newtown residents and even a few businesses for more than three decades. The pantry, situated in the undercroft of St John’s Episcopal Church on Washington Avenue, earlier this year observed its 30th anniversary of of providing food to residents who need a hand putting meals on their table. In June, food pantry co-organizers report they were providing food for nearly 5,000 meals per week. Volunteers plan for three meals per day per family member. Earlier this month, Women Involved in Newtown became the latest local group to offer an ongoing donation to the food pantry, which also provides toiletry items for many of its clients. WIN has arranged to have a small basket placed inside the Newtown Starbucks store, and it was quietly put into place a few weeks ago.

  • Snapshot: Dr Rob Bazuro

    A weekly profile of a local person.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    Newtown, from a cat's point of view.

  • The Way We Were

    A look back at Newtown 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago.