Letters to the Editor

  • Regional Dispatching Doesn’t Make Sense

    To the Editor: RE: "Regional Dispatching Plan Raises Concerns," April 3, 2014. It certainly does raise my concerns and it should raise the concerns of every citizen of Newtown as well as those who work in Newtown as I do.

  • Budget Addresses Needs, Services And Taxpayer Concerns

    To the Editor: On Tuesday, April 22, Newtown voters go to the polls to determine the fate of the proposed budgets for the next fiscal year, 2014-2015.   We strongly encourage voters to respond affirmatively to the proposed spending plan of the Bo...

  • Heartened By This Year’s Budget And Budget Process

    To the Editor: As I reflect upon my first time through the budget process as a member of the Legislative Council, I cannot help but be impressed by the level of cooperation displayed by the boards of selectmen, education, and finance as well as my fellow c...

  • Support Education By Supporting The Budget

    To the Editor, I am writing to encourage all eligible voters in Newtown and Sandy Hook to vote Yes in the upcoming budget referendum on Tuesday, April 22.  Providing a quality school system is the key to our town’s economic viability and the abi...

  • An Opportunity To Demonstrate Support For The Schools

    To the Editor: The PTAs/PTSA of all seven Newtown schools have voted unanimously to support the budget adopted by the Legislative Council. We believe this proposed budget, while not moving our school district forward in any substantive way, is a frugal, practical, and fair budget.

  • The Holiest Week of the Year for Christians and Jews

    To the Editor: On Sunday past, called the “Sunday of the Palms,” Christians throughout the world held up palm branches while proclaiming ‘Hosanna Filio David!’ (save, we pray Son of David!) This event that some of the Gospel writers interpreted as Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem as the long – awaited king – Messiah of Israel. Such acclaim would quickly give way to a passionate outcry for his death – a sentence that would surely follow, but not until a memorable evening, on the first night of Passover, would be celebrated. Christians term said evening as Maundy (Mandate) or Holy Thursday and the event named differently, either as The Lord’s Supper, the Divine Mysteries, the Mass or Holy Eucharist.

  • Caring For ‘The Rock of Angels’

    To the Editor: I write this after having just viewed a television piece on the furor caused by the disposal of items left at a cemetery in another Connecticut town.  From the outset of the arrival of “The Rock” [mem...

  • School Board Should Reconsider Retirement Package

    To the Editor: The Newtown public schools are facing an unprecedented certified staff reduction this year. I understand that the district is facing declining enrollment and that these “RIF notices” are necessary, but I would expect the Newtown Board of Education to make this situation as painless as possible for our teachers. A few months ago a retirement incentive package was presented as some other local communities are doing. I have perused the minutes from the past several BOE meetings, but could not find any mention of when the retirement package was discussed publicly.

  • To Prevent Violence, Start At Home

    To the Editor: I would like to take a moment and thank Po Murray, that’s not easy for me to say given her stance on many issues being well on the other side of my own personal beliefs! I would like to thank her for providing the list of those state senators and house representatives who must be defeated in their next election cycle!

  • Information Important To Seniors

    To the Editor:  The founders and staff of the Newtown League of Senior Voters have organized an important meeting at 6 pm on the 16th of April. All seniors are invited to attend. We have in the last 10 months attended many of t...