Letters to the Editor

  • Penance and Guns

    To the Editor: On January 25 my seven-year-old daughter made her first penance with her second grade classmates at St. Rose of Lima Church. I couldn't help but think, looking out at the scores of families assembled, that there were children who were not in attendance because of the December 2012 rampage at Sandy Hook School. Children who died that awful day should have been with us, sitting in the St. Rose pews, making funny faces at each other and listening to Father Bob's amusing recollections of his childhood. I pray for this community every day; I also pray for our country. I pray for the people who feel their Second Amendment rights somehow trump the rights of the majority of us to enjoy our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  • Some Disturbing Trends In Gun Violence

    To the Editor: There were a few things that caught my eye this past week. The first was Barbara Richardson’s letter [“Assault Weapons: The Eyes Of The Beholders,” Letter Hive, 1-24-14] concerning the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the gun industry’s marketing of semi-automatic versions of military type assault weapons. Her contention is that by the industry’s re-branding them as Modern Sporting Rifles these weapons can be portrayed as more socially acceptable, and concerns about access to them are exaggerated. But as she points out, access to guns by individuals prone to violence is a very serious problem, and the gun industry’s marketing techniques tip the scales in favor of sales over violence prevention.

  • Setting The Record Straight On DPW Pay

    To the Editor, As an official of the union representing employees of the Newtown Department of Public Works, I’d like to correct a statement that First Selectman Pat Llodra made in a recent article “Finance Board Talks Snow Removal, Sewer Project Costs In Hawleyville.” Newtown DPW crew members do not receive double time pay on Sundays if they are called in to work a storm. We receive time and a half on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • The One That Got Away

    To the Editor: I am confused. If Charles Dumais is such a great principal that he got hired away by another school district as a superintendent, why wasn't he considered for our next superintendent of schools? Was he asked? If he was asked, did he refuse?

  • An Opportunity To Solarize

    To the Editor: Cable, electric, and gas prices all go up and what choice do you have? Little to none? The opportunity exists right now here in Newtown to significantly change that, which my wife and I have done. We signed up for a solar panel installation with Astrum Solar as a part of their ongoing effort to solarize Newtown. There are cost savings available through February 11th for those that sign up before then as well as federal tax credits.

  • Assault Weapons: The Eyes Of The Beholders

    To the Editor: The National Shooting Sports Foundation is receiving attention this week as their flagship convention The Shot Show takes place this week in Las Vegas. I was one of a number of local residents participating in the Newtown Action Alliance's press conference and demonstration on Monday, calling for the firearms industry to take a more responsible role and join others working to prevent gun violence. One focus of the press conference was the gun industry's marketing of semi-automatic versions of military assault weapons.

  • Story Hour Put On Ice Until Feb. 8

    To the Editor: It was with great regret, the Children’s Adventure Center Free Story Hour was iced out last January 11. After much planning and decorating and preparing by the Bookworms, the CAC parking lot was a sheet of ice and the Bookworms had to cancel the special treat they had for the littlies of Newtown and Sandy Hook. First Selectman Pat Llodra, amply supplied with ice melt, ventured as far as the door and declared the CAC World “unsafe” at 10 AM Saturday morning, and regrettably the CAC Bookworms cancelled their free story hour with the first selectman.

  • Now Is The Time To Go Solar

    To the Editor: Newtown is now at the Tier 4 pricing level. As the number of homeowners who install solar systems increases, the price drops for everyone in Solarize Newtown. If you have already had a site survey done or are still thinking about having one done, now is the time to start moving forward. The deadline for the program is February 11, 2014 by which time contracts must be signed in order to get the advantage of the reduced pricing schedule. Tier 5 is achievable and if we reach a total of 100 orders, our partner Astrum Solar will donate a $25,000 solar system to be used on a town building or school.

  • A Heartwarming Success

    To the Editor: The Newtown Junior Women’s Club would like to thank the community for their generosity, which again made our annual Tag-A-Gift program a heartwarming success. “Wishes” were provided to us by The Newtown Fund and Social Services. Tags were created and hung with a handmade ornament on a tree/wreath at several locations for the public to take and purchase the gift.

  • Another Successful Mitten Tree

    To the Editor: Recently the 13th annual “Mitten Tree” concluded... and just in the nick of time! The hundreds of hats, mittens, and scarves collected in the Newtown Police Department lobby over the last month all went to the Newtown Social Services Department. It was perfect timing with the recent frigid temperatures that literally fell upon us! We received our usual "special delivery" package that starts off our tree every year from Judy La Branche down in sunny Florida! We received many homemade as well as store brought items.