Letters to the Editor

  • Now Is The Time To Go Solar

    To the Editor: Newtown is now at the Tier 4 pricing level. As the number of homeowners who install solar systems increases, the price drops for everyone in Solarize Newtown. If you have already had a site survey done or are still thinking about having one done, now is the time to start moving forward. The deadline for the program is February 11, 2014 by which time contracts must be signed in order to get the advantage of the reduced pricing schedule. Tier 5 is achievable and if we reach a total of 100 orders, our partner Astrum Solar will donate a $25,000 solar system to be used on a town building or school.

  • A Heartwarming Success

    To the Editor: The Newtown Junior Women’s Club would like to thank the community for their generosity, which again made our annual Tag-A-Gift program a heartwarming success. “Wishes” were provided to us by The Newtown Fund and Social Services. Tags were created and hung with a handmade ornament on a tree/wreath at several locations for the public to take and purchase the gift.

  • Another Successful Mitten Tree

    To the Editor: Recently the 13th annual “Mitten Tree” concluded... and just in the nick of time! The hundreds of hats, mittens, and scarves collected in the Newtown Police Department lobby over the last month all went to the Newtown Social Services Department. It was perfect timing with the recent frigid temperatures that literally fell upon us! We received our usual "special delivery" package that starts off our tree every year from Judy La Branche down in sunny Florida! We received many homemade as well as store brought items.

  • Tea And Catastrophe At The Library

    To The Editor: On Saturday, January 4, the library was hosting a tea in the Genealogy Room to celebrate the return of Downton Abbey when a catastrophe worthy of inclusion in that series befell us. A section of the sprinkler system burst, sending torrents of water through the ceilings of the Director’s Office, Technical Services, Circulation and the Children’s Department. In keeping with British tradition, the staff kept calm and carried on, ushering our tea attendees in all their costumed finery into the frigid outdoors. We secured the building until Newtown Hook & Ladder arrived, very swiftly, to take control. As always they responded for Newtown.

  • Demand A Referendum On School Location

    To the Editor: I cannot express enough my indignity, surprise, and alarm at the intention, however noble, of our horn owls to place the location of the new Sandy Hook school at the same location as the one torn down. No doubt, the idea comes from the Freedom Tower replacing the World Trade Towers. Even this edifice stands at a different location. The place of so much suffering both here and in Manhattan cannot be ignored or bypassed. Only a Garden of Remembrance in whose center stands a fountain in remembrance of all the tears shed by all of us can serve as a proper selection for this place. There simply was too much innocent blood shed.

  • Security Precautions At The High School

    To the Editor: The Newtown High School has installed new protocols regarding students and visitors entering the building. Although some of these new procedures might be unnecessarily over cautious (drop boxes in vestibule for items to be delivered to students and adults surrendering car keys to security), hopefully these new steps will deter someone with bad intentions from committing violence in the school. The one area that does not seem to be addressed in these new protocols is what the students themselves are bringing into the school.

  • Where Shooting Is a Family Sport

    To the Editor: Dr Adrienne Bentman of the state’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission complains that State’s Attorney Sedensky’s final report released November 25 “is like someone threw up the pieces of a puzzle and then said here’s a few pieces of the sky and a few pieces of the grass.” One of the pieces left on the floor is the identity of the shooting range referenced in the report’s only paragraph that touches on the shooter’s shooting history prior to 12/14:

  • A Successful Christmas Tree Fundraiser

    To the Editor: On behalf of the Officers and members of the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company, I would like to thank everyone who helped make this year's Christmas Tree Sale fundraiser a success. The support shown to the Fire Company by the Community is appreciated by us all.

  • Savings Bank Helps Feed The Need

    To the Editor: I wanted to express my sincere thanks to Tanya Truax at Newtown Savings Bank for taking the time to meet with me in July and listen to my request for help. I asked her if Newtown Savings Bank could help Feeding the Need purchase a new freezer so that we could continue preparing food donated by the Connecticut Food Bank for the homeless. The Feeding the Need program at Newtown High School is a collaboration between the Connecticut Food Bank and the Newtown High School Culinary Department. The Connecticut Food Bank delivers perishable and non-perishable food to the High School and the advanced culinary students turn that food into meals for those in need. Feeding the Need has been preparing frozen meals for the homeless in Waterbury, Danbury, and Bridgeport for the past year. With the increased amount of food being processed, Feeding the Need required more freezer space.

  • Successful Campaign For Salvation Army

    To the Editor: It is with a great deal of gratitude that the Newtown Service Unit of the Salvation Army wishes to thank all the former and new volunteers who rang the kettle bells these past two weekends. You wonderful people came out in cold, windy and snowy weather and did your ringing and greeting as in the past and in good humor. Through all your efforts, Newtown will receive 90% of $8,179 to assist the residents of our town through the food pantry, gasoline, doctors/dentists, bills, etc. What a blessing this is for all of us!