Letters to the Editor

  • The Positive Economics Of Solar Energy

    To the Editor: Four years ago when the Clean Energy Fund in Connecticut offered an attractive lease program, my wife and I made a decision that we enjoy every day. We installed a 7-kilowatt solar electric system on our home that supplies about half of our power, for no money down under a long-term lease. Now every month, $85 is deducted from our bank account for power that would otherwise have cost us $125 if it didn’t come from our roof but rather from CL&P. As utility prices go up, we’ll save even more. If you come to Reed Middle School on Tuesday evening at 7 pm, you’ll hear how the program has gotten even better. You may have read that the cost of solar panels has dropped tremendously as the market in the United States has exploded. Now community leaders in Newtown have worked with the state to drive the system price down even further for Newtown residents.

  • Indebted For Efforts Made To Enhance The Community

    To the Editor: On behalf of the Board of Directors, and the numerous users of the property of Cullens Youth Association Inc., I would like to express our extreme gratitude to the many volunteers from Webster Bank, N.A. and United Way of Western Connecticut. Approximately eight-five volunteers arrived at the Cullens site on September 7 and they wasted no time getting down to business. The Webster Bank team had worked closely with United Way and the Cullens organization to carefully orchestrate a very productive day for Cullens.

  • A Transparent Process Makes For A Better Outcome

    To the Editor: I was a trustee of the Albany, NY public library system in the 1990s and want to share with the Booth Library Trustees a few things that helped our Board search for and find a new director when our incumbent departed suddenly. Conduct a nationwide search. Involve staff in the hiring process. Invite key members of the community to meet the finalists in a social setting.

  • Introducing The Newtown League Of Senior Voters

    To the Editor: This new senior coalition of condo and home owners met Tuesday evening at the Senior Center in Sandy Hook in order to discuss their sharp increases in real estate taxes. There were over one hundred and fifty seniors listening and participating in an active discussion which focused on the new valuations and assessments which grouped senior condo owners with owners of waterfront and mc mansions. But there was an additional group of home owners who attended expressing the same concerns. This new coalition of seniors plan to attend the public meetings held by the legislative council and the committee on finance in order to become better informed but also to voice their opinions on issues and future expenditures.

  • Connecting With The Natural World On A Personal Level

    To the Editor: The meadows near Dickinson Park along Barb’s Trail are in full late summer bloom right now, as flowering joe-pye weed, goldenrod, and ironweed grace the landscape. Thanks again to Parks and Recreation staff for delaying the mowing of these meadows until such time as any nesting birds would have fledged their young. Also, allowing the native plants to mature supports bird populations as well as beneficial insect populations including important pollinators such as butterflies, bees, and moths. Unfortunately, meadows are a fast disappearing habitat in Connecticut as they have frequently been converted to lawns or allowed to revert to forested tracts. It is for this reason that the Newtown Conservation Commission is sponsoring a Meadows Initiative, aiming to preserve meadow habitats throughout town.

  • Another Transition In Leadership

    To the Editor: On Monday, the CH Booth Library Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of the recently hired director, Shawn Fields. The Board recognized the controversy surrounding Mr Fields’s short tenure and had been working to find resolutions to the concerns expressed by the public.

  • A Memorable Day For A Special Location

    To the Editor: A pretty wonderful thing happened on September 7th here in Newtown. It was one of those events that builds slowly and quietly and ends up being totally memorable. Not everyone in town knows about Cullens Youth Association, but maybe time. Cullens is a not for profit organization that owns 20 pristine acres in the heart of Newtown. It contains a small and lovely pond, a big grassy field, woods that hold secret campsites and a big blue lodge for meetings. The mission? To give the youth of Newtown a place to learn about nature, cooperation, leadership and kindness. Any organized youth group in Newtown can use Cullens for meetings and campouts free of charge.

  • Signs Of Love, Signs Of Freedom

    To the Editor: I would like to address Timothy Stan’s letter to the editor dated 9/10/13. I don’t know him personally. But to start, I would like to acknowledge and thank him for all the good he has done and continues to do for our community. That being said, I find it baffling that he has singled out the slogan “We Are Newtown – We Choose Freedom”. And I find it appalling that he claims that it makes it difficult for The Sandy Hook Project to carry out its mission and has negatively impacted the community.

  • Forgetting To Remember

    To the Editor: I will never forget the morning of 9/11. My guess is that most of you remember how beautiful and blue the sky was that day and exactly where you were. I am sure that many of you knew someone affected on that horrible day. Our children were toddlers, their memories of September 11 are really ours, but it is their history. The war that ensued is their history, some have siblings who are fighting for our country.

  • Look To The Library Board For Answers

    To the Editor: As a former C.H. Booth chairman of the board, who occupied the chair during our expansion, I have become disturbed by the happenings at the library, as are many others. It is true that the new director has made some missteps: hiding away Janet Woycik’s picture, firing a popular reference librarian, and upon meeting Janet for the first time, barely acknowledged her and then ordered her to get away from behind the front desk.