Letters to the Editor

  • Making Connections

    To the Editor: The Roman Catholic Church owns 136 aesthetically and environmentally sensitive acres (given to it by a very generous donor and long-time Newtowner) in the heart of our town. Newtown has a long tradition of preserving open space for future generations. The Roman Catholic Church has a new pope who models himself after St. Francis of Assisi who loved the land and all its inhabitants. Newtown needs in appropriately vetted places a variety of affordable housing for a variety of its people; a goal shared by the Roman Catholic Church.

  • CAGV Agenda Is Counterproductive

    To the Editor: To CAGV (Connecticut against Gun Violence) in response to your recent radio advertisement. The existence of an organization dedicated to infringing on the right of the people to keep and bear arms is testament to the intelligence and necessity of the Second Amendment. You should try reading it! It ensures your freedom of speech among other things.

  • Many Thanks

    To the Editor: The following is an incomplete list of people we wish to thank. It is intended as the beginning to a long thank you. It is just a short list of some of the most impactful gifts we’ve received in the first few months following the death of our son James.

  • An Update On The Cullens Lodge

    To the Editor: It has been just a year since the fire at the Cullens Lodge compromised the second floor, the roof and made the kitchen off limits. With the help of friends and some local contractors, Rich Fenaroli of Sanctus IND Inc. and Dan Fedorchek, Her...

  • Remembering Others Who Suffer From Violence

    To the Editor: The town has been flooded with snowflakes, cards, money, teddy bears, scarves, compassion and volunteerism. We have felt an outpouring of love, faith and philanthropy from around the world. And many people have joined together in Newtown in efforts to stem the violence that we experienced: Newtown Action Alliance, Sandy Hook Promise, Newtown Clergy, United Physicians of Newtown, March for Change and others. Unfortunately, mothers and fathers in urban areas were fighting violence long before 12-14-12, and they will continue to do so until change takes place. Mothers United Against Violence is one such group.

  • Welcome Back!

    To the Editor: Welcome back John Reed! A great administrator who truly cares about the students. Our dealings with him in the past have always been outstanding. Congratulations to the Board of Education for a very wise choice and many thanks to Mr Reed for accepting. Newtown needs a leader such as he is.

  • Definition Clarification

    To the Editor: Over the years, anti-Second Amendment activists and proponents of strict gun control have come up with some silly, misleading sound bites aimed at the emotions of the misinformed: “cop killer bullets,” “Saturday night specials,” “dangerous assault weapons.”

  • Financial Collapse Is Near

    To the Editor, Thank you Mr Barresi for your letter “Attacking The Second Amendment,” [Letter Hive, 3/15/13] a fine job explaining to the fruit cake crowd why our framers were so adamant about including the Second Amendment in the bill of rights. You are quite correct that the liberal left, and might I add the Bush Administration, have spent our country into financial Armageddon. We are currently 90 trillion dollars in debt including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, all local, state, and federal pensions and health care costs. This shortfall equates to: $195,140 for every person living in the US; $513,380 for every household in the US.

  • Help NUSAR Keep Newtown Safe

    To the Editor: For over 20 years we, the men and women of NUSAR [Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue], have been providing emergency water rescue services and water safety instruction to Newtown and our neighboring communities. With so many lakes, ponds, rivers and streams in our area, NUSAR is a vital link in our region’s chain of first responders.

  • Gifts Of Compassion And Caring

    To the Editor:I had the good fortune to attend the program held at Congregation Adeth on March 6th. It was a wonderful experience for me and I would like to thank the Sandy Hook Promise for coordinating the event,