Letters to the Editor

  • More Hypocrisy From Congress

    To the Editor: Today, February 27, C-SPAN informed us that the United States Senate blocked a Bill that would have expanded Veterans' Benefits to include dental care.  The proposed Bill would also have provided funding to support remedial health care ...

  • Concerned About Mental Health Screening In Schools

    To the Editor: The Signs of Suicide depression screening test that is about to be implemented in the Newtown High School causes me serious concern, and it should alarm other parents as well. According to psychiatrist David Shaffer, ...

  • Patience Wearing Thin

    To the Editor: Today I watched a truck that picks up dumpsters from construction sites maneuver it's way through the not completely cleared streets where snow has piled up and the multiple parked cars of workers (there is construction going on at my house)...

  • Help And Kindness

    (The following letter to Newtown First Selectman Pat Llodra has been received for publication.) To First Selectman E. Patricia Llodra: Newtown Animal Municipal Control Officer Carolee Mason. Words fail me but you didn&r...

  • Let’s Talk Gun Limits

    To the Editor: Empowered by Supreme Court decisions supporting an individual right to keep and bear arms, the NRA, NSSF, and affiliated groups have been working hard to expand gun rights and challenge gun limits on the federal, state and local level. Just ...

  • Reconciling Spiritual And Athletic Priorities

    To the Editor: At the time of this writing, the world is witnessing the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, in Sochi, Russia. While the winter games are not my cup of tea (or should I say, my glass of vodka,) I am enamored at the athletic achievements of each of the participants, be they in the physical agility manifested by the downhill slalom skiers, the artistic beauty of the figure skaters or the over-the-top gyrations of the X Games-type snow boarders. For one who could only last about 20 minutes on ice skates, in the early fifties, on Danbury’s Rogers Park pond and never achieved the goal of standing, uprightly, upon a board on wheels, nevertheless, I have a great respect for athletics, having played many diverse sports in my earlier days, doing fairly well especially in running, wrestling and basketball, and have made many terrific life-long friends along the way.

  • A Cautionary Tale On Sledding And Safety

    To the Editor: Downhill sled riding can be dangerous. Two weeks ago, on a cloudy afternoon, I decided to take my children to Treadwell Park for some fun sled riding. The children hopped off the bus after school and excitedly got dressed for some fun in the snow. My kids were ecstatic! The hill was well groomed from riders the day before and there were a few nicely built jumps on the lower portion of the trail for an additional thrill! My gut was telling me something was not right.

  • When $2.3 Million Is A Small Number

    To the Editor: Last week I sent a letter to the Newtown first selectman and the Newtown superintendent of schools conveying a recommendation to increase contributions to the health insurance reserve fund during the current budget cycle, to account for increases in program costs projected for the coming year.

  • Solarize Newtown Program Set To End

    To the Editor: The Solarize Newtown program is coming to an end. Participants in the program must sign contracts by February 28 in order to maximize savings.

  • An Exciting Program

    To the Editor: The Solarize Newtown program continues to be one of the most exciting and environmentally conscientious programs ever available to Newtown residents. It has been a dream of our family for over ten years to create a home with a potential for renewable energy. The Solarize Newtown program has made this a reality.