Letters to the Editor

  • Let’s Set Up Satellite Police Offices In Our Schools

    To the Editor: Simpsonville, a South Carolina town, has added police to their schools at no added costs to taxpayers with satellite police offices and an officer at no added cost to taxpayers. Other towns appear to engaging in this as well with no added cost to taxpayers, and Newtown should look at this as well.

  • Club Does Good Things For The Community

    To the Editor: I am not a flag-waving Second Amendment guy. I am a 72-year-old NRA Life Member and member of the Fairfield County Fish and Game Protective Association, located in Newtown and Monroe. As an aftermath of the Newtown shootings, you folks in Newtown are really fired up (understandably) and looking to impact shooting at our facility.

  • Provide The Same Protection To All The Schools

    To the Editor: The Town of Newtown is planning to place armed guards or police officers in its public schools. As a Sandy Hook resident and father of two, I am not going to comment on whether or not this is the best solution to keeping our children safe, or if it is even necessary. However, if we are choosing this type of security for children in Newtown because we believe there is a threat, or to address the psychological issues that have ensued due to the horrific event on 12/14, and the additional security is not a part of any educational curriculum, then the town should provide such security services equally to all students in Newtown.

  • History Unfolded At The Crest Of Castle Hill

    To the Editor: I just learned the former Gretsch property, located on the crest of Castle Hill overlooking Newtown’s iconic flagpole, is the focus of a plan to develop more housing.  I also learned there is a group of dedicated people who value ...

  • A Terrible Idea

    To the Editor We will admit that we didn’t read the 2/22/13 issue of The Newtown Bee, so we only learned of the cluster housing proposal for Castle Hill last evening. To say the least, our initial reaction was that this is a terrible idea for this la...

  • Quick Clean-Up Appreciated

    To the Editor: I would like to commend the local stores which totally cleared all the snow out of their parking lots after the recent blizzard. I observed the Big Y, for example, use huge dump trucks in the early morning hours removing great heaps of snow that had accumulated during and after the storm. This kept sight lines clear and sidewalks less hazardous.

  • Preserve Castle Hill For Public Use

    To the Editor: We are writing to express our dismay that the Diocese of Bridgeport is on the brink of selling the former Gretsch property to a developer who plans to build 136 single family homes on the property, as described in Andrew Gorosko’s February 22 article. [Cluster Housing Complex Proposed For Castle Hill.”] While it is our understanding that this deal may be as good as sealed, we hope that the town will take whatever action it can to prevent the bulk of this development and preserve the area for public use.

  • Zoners Should Reject Castle Hill Cluster Housing

    Despite a Febuary 22nd article in The Bee [“Cluster Housing Complex Proposed For Castle Hill], it just came to my attention today (3/5/13) that 136 acres of “meadows forest, and shore line frontage on Taunton Lake” open space is set to be put to sale on the open market. A developer wants to builder “cluster housing” in this area.

  • A Call For Leadership On Gun Laws

    Dear Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, After more than two and a half months, our community is still reeling from the tragic loss of 26 innocent lives. December 14th has forever changed our town, our state and our country. If something like this can happen in Sandy Hook, then it can happen anywhere in this nation.

  • Apples and Oranges

    To the Editor: I love both apples and oranges and consume many of each. When asked which I like better, I will admit: While I’m eating a crunchy apple in the fall, I say, “apples”; however, if I’m slurping a juicy orange, then I prefer “oranges.”